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2024-03-23 11:39:45

A cosmetology school located near Dallas has found a use for a 5W adjustable cell phone blocker - creating a peaceful environment in the classrooms. The decision to install this jamming device, along with three others waiting to be set up, was just one step in a series of actions that unfolded last week.

Phonejammer.com, a London-based company, has been under the FCC's observation for quite some time. In 2008, the agency issued a citation to Phonejammer (PDF) for their involvement in marketing radio frequency devices intended to intentionally interfere with cellular and PCS frequencies in the United States.

The company denied marketing these products in the US, where they are illegal, but FCC staff observed that the signal blocker were priced in US currency, the default shipping location was set to the United States, and the site featured testimonials from US citizens who had purchased phone jammers from Phonejammer. Additionally, the jammers on the site were designed to target US cellular and PCS frequencies.

It is possible to have concerns about the federal government's involvement in your business operations, which may prompt you to consider making changes. However, this does not apply to Phonejammer. On November 9, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received a complaint, presumably from AT&T, regarding cellular interference in the 800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands. The FCC's Texas field office staff investigated the issue and traced it back to the Cosmetology Career Center in Carrollton, Texas. They discovered a 5W jammer on the premises (PDF).

Phonejammer's legal representative informed the FCC earlier this year that the company has not sent out or distributed any units to the United States.

The 5W jammer offered by the Cosmetology Career Center is currently priced at $395. Equipped with two antennas, it boasts a jamming radius of 2-25m and effectively blocks PCS, GSM, and CDMA signals ranging from 850MHz to 2100MHz. According to the website, its "operating location" is specified as South America and Africa.

It is interesting to note that in Texas and Florida, individuals are allowed to openly carry firearms into a Starbucks, while the same does not apply to phone jammers. Therefore, when a cell phone disrupts the peace at a nearby table and the owner loudly answers the call, the only recourse is to either ignore the disturbance or resort to using a firearm. This situation raises concerns about the effectiveness of current public policy regulations.

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Modern life essentially requires us to give up data and privacy for everyday activities, from social media use to airport travel (i.e. biometric-based services like Clear and TSA Precheck). These practices extend to our vehicles and, in some cases, our private conversations. As the risk of hacks and data breaches continues, many people are looking for ways to not only reduce data breaches, but also protect themselves from harmful exposures.

Some of the most tempting and easiest ways to go off the grid include GPS jammers and audio or voice protection systems, sometimes called voice cell phone jammer. When you consider these different counter-surveillance devices, it is important to recognize their differences, especially when it comes to legality. gps jammer are illegal devices, while audio jammers are legal and ethical, but their names are inaccurate because they serve completely different functions than their highly illegal counterparts.

GPS Jammer:

GPS jammers were originally designed for government use to hide the location of combat vehicles during high-risk missions. Essentially, a GPS jammer is a small device used to hide your whereabouts from GPS tracking devices that are monitoring your location and activities. GPS jammers emit radio signals on the same frequency as the GPS device, and due to the interference, the GPS tracker cannot determine the location of your vehicle.

They're cheap, easy to conceal, and offer instant protection - GPS jammers seem like a no-brainer. However, their use is prohibited by law, and they can actually be dangerous.

Audio Jammer:

Audio jammers serve a similar purpose to GPS jammers, but in a different way. They are small devices that produce a unique sound to protect confidential conversations from external listening devices. Randomly masking sounds desensitizes microphones in that area, essentially rendering them useless. This extends to many types of microphones and eavesdropping devices, including voice recorders, radio frequency transmitters, hardwired microphones and shotgun microphones. The main goal is to ensure that private conversations remain private, even if the eavesdropper is only a few feet away.

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A number of online retailers and drone technology companies are advertising RF jammers as tools to deter drones or protect privacy, sidestepping federal laws that forbid the sale of such devices in the United States.

Rf signal jamming device are devices that interfere with communication systems, usually by sending competing radio signals to confuse nearby electronics. It's a decades-old technology that federal regulators have been trying to crack down on, but interest in jammers persists because people can use them to avoid unwanted drones, disable security cameras or block Wi-Fi networks.

Many consumers are uninterested primarily because of the cost involved. Large corporations and state government agencies are closely following the escalation of drone warfare in Ukraine and Israel, and are making preparations for potential domestic drone terrorism.

Could this happen in your backyard? That's a real concern for a lot of people

A significant number of individuals are eager to adopt this technology, although there are also those who are apprehensive about its use due to the possibility of disrupting controlled airspace.

The applications of jamming devices are diverse, ranging from causing confusion among unwanted drones to disrupting Wi-Fi networks and deactivating doorbell cameras. Within a Reddit community dedicated to Ring doorbell cameras, some members raised issues about the misuse of jammers to interfere with the cameras during theft activities for avoiding detection. One Reddit user highlighted the paradoxical situation where Amazon seems to profit from both ends: Ring falls under Amazon's umbrella, and Amazon serves as a marketplace for acquiring devices that could potentially disable Ring's cameras.

Amazon remained silent on inquiries regarding their impact on Ring devices.

Jammers, also known as RF "blocking," are a commonly discussed subject on online forums that cater to individuals who hold the belief that they are being specifically targeted for extensive surveillance by the government or other entities. This belief or phenomenon is occasionally referred to as "gang stalking."

The concept of jammers, or RF "blocking," is frequently debated on online forums that cater to individuals who hold the belief that they are being singled out for in-depth surveillance by the government or other entities. This belief or phenomenon is sometimes referred to as "gang stalking."

Potential markets for anti-drone blocker, such as RF jammers, consist of large companies and organizations that have concerns about drone terrorism but are prohibited by law from using jammers. In a letter addressed to congressional leaders last year, four major sports leagues, including the National Football League, requested Congress to authorize state and local law enforcement to utilize anti-drone capabilities.

In several states, prison officials have voiced their need for legal authorization to utilize jammers as a means to obstruct inmates from utilizing cell phones.

Nevertheless, the current legal framework restricts the acquisition and utilization of RF jammers to a select few government entities, namely the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Departments of Energy and Defense.

Corporations that specialize in drone countermeasures primarily cater to overseas clients.

On its website, IXI Electronic Warfare, a company specializing in drone defense, highlights the potential dangers that drones can present to stadiums, prisons, and airports. They claim to possess the capability to swiftly eliminate these threats, utilizing radio-frequency jammers known as Dronekillers. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that stadium operators, prison authorities, and airport officials in the United States are not legally permitted to purchase such products.

In an email, the California-based company emphasized that their primary focus lies in overseas operations, citing the comparatively lenient regulations in those regions. They further clarified that their sales services are available solely to authorized federal agencies within the United States.

The spread of such devices in the United States has caused worry among certain experts in counter-drone countermeasures.

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WiFi jammers have gained significant popularity in the contemporary market in recent times. This cutting-edge equipment plays a crucial role in enhancing your security level and mitigating the potential risks of unauthorized access to personal data. Utilizing a wifi jammer at home can prove to be a valuable asset. However, it is important to acknowledge the existence of certain obstacles that may arise. Nevertheless, this equipment can be easily configured for daily usage, safeguarding sensitive information from tampering and preventing the theft of valuable data.

The emergence of an impediment presents a valuable chance to mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized access to personal information. Blockers generate distinctive signals at the intended frequency, akin to WiFi devices. Consequently, it effectively obstructs any movement within a specified range.

Tracking devices become entirely ineffective when faced with these obstacles. Generally, organizations and major corporations utilize such obstructive tools to safeguard their confidential data from being exposed to competitors. WiFi signal jammers are dependable and well-established devices that offer security and reliability, making them valuable for any security-conscious individual.

What does an internet jammer do?

WiFi technology is now widely utilized for data transfer in various locations. Public wireless access points have become popular, but they come with numerous vulnerabilities. One major concern is the ease with which unauthorized individuals can access sensitive information on your device. To mitigate this risk, it is advisable to employ a dedicated WiFi scrambler.

WiFi technology functions within the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Numerous contemporary devices operate within this range, which helps in minimizing the system's expenses but also renders it more susceptible to external threats. Sophisticated jammers have the capability to operate across multiple frequency ranges, effectively blocking several signals concurrently.

A WiFi-blocking device is specifically engineered to intercept signals within a designated range. This type of device effectively disrupts wireless signals within its operational distance. For civilian use, these devices can effectively block signals up to a maximum distance of twenty meters. On the other hand, advanced military-grade models possess superior capabilities, capable of blocking calls several hundred meters away, thereby safeguarding sensitive information from potential compromise.

Can a jammer block WiFi?

Modern jammers are often used to block WiFi signals. Among the main features of the equipment, you should pay attention to the following:

Signal blockers ensure the safeguarding of personal data while upholding privacy on a wireless network.

The utilization of numerous WiFi devices enables the tracking of your location, thus the implementation of a blocker can effectively mitigate the potential risk of being detected.

Additionally, by utilizing different tracking devices, monitoring your online status becomes a simple task. Enhancing security is made possible by employing a wireless jammer to greatly minimize potential risks.

Numerous prominent corporations prioritize the safety of both their organization and their workforce. Hence, it is advisable to mitigate potential network vulnerabilities by utilizing specialized equipment. One option is to opt for compact and portable devices that occupy minimal space while offering a substantial range of influence to guarantee optimal equipment functionality.

The device can also be utilized within the confines of your home. For instance, if your children tend to dedicate a significant amount of time to playing games or watching cartoons instead of completing their homework, you have the option to obstruct wireless signals, enabling them to concentrate on their studies. It is crucial to select top-notch equipment for your household without overspending on the purchase.

Purchasing a jammer serves as the most effective safeguard against hacker attacks and intruder threats. Various types of devices are utilized in our daily lives, such as portable and stationary ones. Despite differences in size and performance, these devices share a common principle of processing incoming information, thereby enhancing their accessibility and functionality for all individuals.

Are WiFi blockers a thing?

WiFi jammers are contemporary devices that serve various purposes. These advanced tools aid in enhancing security measures and safeguarding the privacy of sensitive information. Additionally, there are versatile gadgets available that possess the capability to simultaneously disrupt multiple signal types, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment.

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As technology becomes more and more advanced, the use of the Internet is becoming more and more popular for the modern generation. In particular, with the invention of 5G and smartphones, the Internet has ushered in a "golden age." Wi-Fi life has now become everyone's life. It changed the world. The topic about the advantages and disadvantages of WIFI has been very hot. Some people think WIFI makes the world a better and more convenient place; We should use WIFI extensively in our life. While some people think that WIFI and smart phones are not appropriate for some special occasions.

To prevent interference, you know you need a signal jammer to improve your quality of life. While many countries make it illegal to use a cell phone blocker for personal use, be sure to check your local laws before you buy one from a professional blocker online store, and if the laws in your country allow it, you will be entitled to a useful jammer device.

Whether in a class, conference room, presentation, or religious service, calling at the wrong time can be a huge distraction. Cell jammers can stop these calls from coming in the first place. This is what we call preventing interference and unwanted calls or blocking phone noise by using cell phone signal jammers; You will have the power to stop them.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? The phone rang for a long time and no one cared about the interruption. You say loudly, "Please cover your phone." The result is that no one answers you. The unfortunate reality for any large group is that telling people to mute their devices just doesn't work. There will always be a small percentage of people who will leave their devices on for whatever reason.

How to use cell phone blocker to restrict students from using cell phone?

The use of mobile phone signal blockers is worthy of recognition, whether it is to reduce the interference of mobile phones on students' learning, improve the quality of students' learning, or to facilitate school management. You know the truth is that many schools and colleges have installed several different types of cell phone signal blockers so that parents and teachers can let students and children play with their phones. Some students expressed support. Because the use of mobile phones will make mobile phone noise immediately disappear, creating a quiet environment.

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The NFL and federal law enforcement are on high alert for unauthorized drones after one caused a play stoppage at a playoff game two weeks ago.

Super Bowl LVIII will feature a tough defensive scheme that has nothing to do with a football. This one is about stopping drones.

The NFL and federal law enforcement officials are taking a hard line Sunday to keep players and fans safe from unauthorized drones at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas where the Kansas City Chiefs will play the San Francisco 49ers.

Unapproved drone flights have become a persistent problem for the NFL, as well as for other sports leagues and large public gatherings. The NFL said there were about 2,500 drone incursions near stadiums during the 2022-2023 season, an increase of about 90% from a year earlier.

The flights have sometimes encroached on televised broadcasts, including two weeks ago at the AFC championship game in Baltimore when an unapproved drone violated the restricted airspace. Federal prosecutors later charged a Pennsylvania drone pilot who said, according to the FBI, that he wasn’t aware of the flight restrictions.

Possible criminal charges and civil penalties await anyone trying something similar Sunday, officials said.

“So please leave your drone at home,” Cathy Lanier, the NFL’s chief security officer, said at a news conference Wednesday.

Most of the drones are operated by hobbyists seeking aerial video, according to experts, but especially at a high-profile event such as the Super Bowl, authorities said they’re also looking out for people with more nefarious intentions.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said the incident two weeks ago was a warning.

“It does not require much imagination to understand the significant threat such an incident could pose,” he said at the news conference Wednesday. Although no one was hurt in that incident, he said, “what happened in Baltimore underscores the vital importance of the mission.”

Mayorkas added that there were no known credible specific threats to the Super Bowl or Las Vegas.

Federal law enforcement designates the Super Bowl as a top-tier security event, on roughly the same level as a presidential inauguration ceremony or a visit by the pope. Allegiant Stadium, where the teams will play, has a capacity of about 65,000 people.

Any stadium’s defense against drones has multiple layers, said Mary-Lou Smulders, chief marketing officer for Dedrone, a Virginia-based company. Its drone countermeasure technology is in use by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, which covers Las Vegas and its major stadiums.

“Like any security issue, the more layers you add, the safer you are,” she said. “The same applies to airspace security.”

The first layers, she said, are all designed to detect and track drones using at least three types of technology: radio-frequency sensors, cameras and radar. They have different strengths, she added: Radio-frequency sensors can distinguish between drones and other objects better than radar, while radar has a longer range and a camera can help determine if a drone is carrying a payload.

With a camera, Smulders said, “the most interesting thing to ask is: Is it carrying a payload, yes or no?” If it were, that “would dramatically affect your security posture.”

A second set of layers is designed to interfere with a drone’s flight, she said: “cell phone jammer jamming” or cutting off the radio communication between a drone and its pilot; hacking into a drone to take over control; and locating the pilot on the ground and arresting the person.

drone jammer Jamming and hacking are not usually available as security tools for an NFL game. Federal law restricts who can interfere with a drone’s flight, and in the United States, only a few government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have the authority to do so. Congress is considering legislation to change that but, for now, the federal government provides agents for high-profile events like the Super Bowl but not for a game on any given Sunday.

At a regular season game in Baltimore in November, play was delayed twice because of drone activity.

The NFL game stoppages are helping raise the profile of drone countermeasures, a growing industry that experts say will become more important as drone technology improves and becomes cheaper.

Allegiant Stadium has one advantage over Baltimore’s: It’s a domed stadium, with a roof to shield the game from anything overhead. But it’s not completely enclosed, Smulders noted: The stadium has 80-foot walls that are retractable if weather allows. The doors have usually been closed during games.

Still, the NFL is on higher alert for drones than it used to be. In 2017, a California man used a modified drone to drop leaflets on the 49ers stadium, authorities said. He then drove to nearby Oakland and did the same at a Raiders game. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation.

For Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration has banned drones within a radius of 30 nautical miles (about 35 miles) of the stadium beginning one hour before kickoff. There have also been restrictions in place for additional events in Las Vegas the past few days.

Lanier has previously told NBC News that the NFL had a close call at the Super Bowl in Atlanta in February 2019, when an FBI team spotted a drone just before six Air Force F-16s were set to conduct a flyover before the game. The F-16s flew at a higher altitude to avoid a possible collision, she said.

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Illegal GPS signal jamming can disrupt local GPS devices and cell phone towers, according to UK reports.

Findings from the Sentinel study presented at the GNSS Vulnerability 2012 conference at England's National Physical Laboratory on February 22 revealed a rise in jamming incidents, as reported by TechWeek Europe. Over a span of six months, roadside monitoring stations documented a total of 60 violations.

Sean Gallegher, writing in Ars Technica, reported on the dangers of interrupting GPS signals. Cell phone systems and even electrical grids rely on GPS signals for time-keeping. Jammers built for auto use to obscure location can affect other devices from 100 yards away and more. Powerful jammers can disrupt signals as far away as 32 kilometers. Yes, jammers have caused problems at airports already. They are illegal to use, but legal to own, in the UK.




I had no idea little GPS jammers could cause so much havoc though.

clackerd on arstechnica.com

why would you want to jam the GPS signals? If you’re not doing anything wrong then yu have no reason to worry.

Angel Investors on techweekeurope.co.uk



First hand

I know a guy who bought that exact jammer in the picture. I think it was a little over $100 shipped from China. It works. It kills my AT&T iPhone dead. It kills his Sprint phone. It killed everything except one device he's ever tried to test with.

Dilbert on arstechnica.com

The more sophisticated jammers don't cause "noise", but rather they record and replay the pseudorandom generated digits they receive from the various frequencies and time drift them.

zbowling on news.ycombinator.com

Jammers for car usage like this one are used by people to protect their privacy and not to harm vital infrastructures of the city.

Alex White on techweekeurope.co.uk

in 2009 the Newark airport had a daily GPS failure that was finally traced to a trucker using a jammer, presumably to defeat a tracker enforcing safe driving rules.

NelsonMinar on news.ycombinator.com



Authorities and warnings

But... in the end... it mostly just made me want to buy a GPS jammer.

primordius on arstechnica.com

The more we allow our public movements to be tracked, and the more control and oversight we grant the government and corporations, the harder it will become for the public at large if there should ever come a time when they want some of that power back.

Crane on techweekeurope.co.uk

How vulnerable are Google's self-driving cars to GPS jamming?

GiraffeNecktie on news.ycombinator.com

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A word of caution has been issued by the Los Angeles Police Department to the residents regarding the utilization of WiFi jammers by criminals. These jammers are being employed to easily deactivate "connected" security cameras and sirens. It is important to be aware that these jammers can be purchased at low prices from platforms like Amazon.

Los Angeles news station KTLA5 has highlighted a concerning trend where tech-savvy thieves are utilizing WiFi jammers. These small devices have the ability to confuse wireless devices and inundate them with excessive traffic. By doing so, these criminals can gain access to homes without triggering any alarms. This raises questions about the vulnerability of affordable housing to security devices like Ring and Eufy.

According to a recent report by Tom's Hardware, instances of criminals employing WiFi jammers have been documented for quite some time. These jammers can be conveniently purchased online for a modest price of $40.

From a legal perspective in the United States, their use is considered illegal...

In a 2020 FCC alert, it was stated that the deliberate use of phone jammers, GPS blockers, or other signal jamming devices to block or interfere with authorized radio communications is considered a violation of federal law.

Despite the warnings, it appears that they were disregarded. Recently, law enforcement in Minnesota uncovered that nine robberies within a six-month period were linked to the use of wifi jammers. Luckily, the thieves are still opting for non-violent methods and focusing on empty houses.

In light of the current circumstances, the Los Angeles Police Department is suggesting that homeowners opt for hardwired alarm systems instead of relying solely on WiFi. Furthermore, they are urging residents to ensure their homes are well illuminated during the night.

The LAPD further suggests that you take precautions to keep your departure from your residence for an extended period of time confidential.

Cell phones serve as two-way radios that communicate via cell towers. cell phone jammer operate by emitting a strong signal on the same frequencies utilized by mobile devices, effectively blocking communication between the device and the cell tower. As a result, the mobile device loses connectivity and shows "No Network" on the display.

Cell phone jammers prevent and disable any mobile phone communications from entering specific areas of a building or open space to

  1. Take proactive steps to counter industrial espionage by implementing stringent measures to deter the use of mobile devices as eavesdropping tools or for unauthorized photography purposes.

  2. The endeavor to combat terrorist threats encompasses the mitigation of actions such as remotely triggering explosive devices in areas of heightened vulnerability.

  3. The eradication of public nuisances in establishments such as movie theaters, restaurants, and churches is essential.

This item is available in a range of sizes and shapes. You can find pocket-sized versions as well as larger ones. Moreover, some models are cleverly disguised as regular cell phones or briefcases.

Things to consider before buying a cell phone jammer:

  • What is the effective interference range (more than 10-50 meters)

  • Which cellular systems can it block (cdma in north america, gsm in europe and asia, tdma, 4G, 3G, pcs, dcs or all?)

  • How many cellular systems (cdma etc..) it can block simultaneously (low-end models can only block 1 type at a time, while more complex models will block multiple systems at a time)

  • Appearance: Regular device or one disguised as another type of device?

  • Dimensions and weight

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Cell phone calls are more and more being blocked by technology initially created to assist security personnel in preventing unauthorized listening and stopping phone-activated explosive devices.

The reporters were the first to notice the issue. While they were busy covering the weddings of prominent individuals, they found themselves unable to contact their editors. Curious about the lack of cell phone signal at Sacred Heart, they inquired with the priest. His response pointed to Israeli counterintelligence as the reason behind the connectivity problem.

Israeli-manufactured cell phone blocker, resembling paperbacks in size, have discreetly been placed among religious artworks depicting the Madonna and statues of saints in four churches in Monterrey.

The disruptive multicolored noise of ringing mobile phones is being more and more effectively blocked in various places, such as religious sanctuaries, India's parliament, Tokyo theaters, and commuter trains, thanks to devices initially created to assist security forces in preventing eavesdropping and stopping phone-activated bombings.

The installation of signal blocker in the Indian parliament came after repeated requests for politicians to switch off their cell phones were disregarded, leading to frequent interruptions during legislative sessions.

Italian universities have implemented the use of blockers as a response to the issue of tech-savvy teenagers cheating on exams by sending text messages or capturing images of test materials.

The four Roman Catholic Churches in this northern city have recently adopted the devices provided by Netline Communications Technologies Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based company. These devices were imported by an insurance salesman as a personal favor for a priest.

The Rev. Juan Jose Martinez, a spokesperson for the archdiocese, expressed that there are still numerous individuals who fail to comprehend that attending Mass entails participating in a sacred moment with God. Regrettably, the utilization of these small devices became an unavoidable necessity.

These devices, which were acquired at a cost of approximately $2,000 each, have the capability to be activated remotely and emit radio frequencies at a low level. Their purpose is to disrupt cell phone signals within a radius of 100 feet.

Cell phone users often encounter a message stating "no service" or "signal not available" on their devices.

Wedding bells

The Sacred Heart church in Monterrey, a baroque temple popular among Mexico's upper class for weddings, had their blockers purchased by church officials two years ago.

Bulmaro Carranza, a parish clerk, mentioned that during weddings, cell phones would ring every five minutes. This posed a significant issue, as there were instances when even the groom would neglect to silence his cell phone.

The devices remained unnoticed for several months until journalists, who were covering the weddings, started expressing their dissatisfaction with the constant malfunctioning of their cell phones.

Carranza mentioned that ever since news about the signal blocker spread, priests from various parts of Mexico have been reaching out to inquire about acquiring them.

Prior to each Mass at Sacred Heart, a device positioned at the church entrance and another near the altar are activated. Nevertheless, the clergy consistently emphasize the importance of switching off mobile phones before the commencement of the services, with the aspiration that proper cell phone etiquette will gradually become more widespread.

Martinez mentioned that wealthier parishioners also frequent The Rosario, San Juan Bosco, and Our Lady Queen of the Angels, among other Monterrey churches with the devices.

Martinez emphasized that many people consider the cell phone a necessity, yet this should not excuse them from practicing good manners and showing respect for sacred locations.

Margarita Escobedo, a devout Catholic who attends church services at least twice a week and actively volunteers at the San Genaro church, expresses her willingness to embrace the use of jammers within her parish. She believes that the increasing presence of cell phones has become a bothersome distraction, and thus, welcomes any measures that can alleviate this nuisance.

Escobedo stated that individuals who bring cell phones to church are lacking in commitment to God. He emphasized that the sounds of birds chirping or techno music can be highly disruptive during prayer.

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The individuals are being accused of engaging in computer criminal activity for reportedly interfering with the network at the behest of their acquaintances.

Two teenagers, aged 14, have been accused of disrupting their school's Wi-Fi system in order to avoid taking exams, as reported by authorities on Monday.

NJ.com reported that high school freshmen in New Jersey are facing charges related to computer criminal activity and conspiracy to commit such acts. Authorities were alerted by school officials last Thursday following a series of Wi-Fi network crashes over the course of a week.

Capt. Dennis Miller, as reported by NorthJersey.com, stated that school authorities at Secaucus High School contacted the Secaucus Police Department to inform them about two students who were involved in a "plot to intentionally disrupt the school's WiFi service whenever requested."

The identities of the individuals have not been disclosed due to their status as minors. They have been reunited with their parents and are anticipated to attend a hearing at the juvenile family court in Jersey City, the specific date of which remains undisclosed.

On Monday, Schools Superintendent Jennifer Montesano announced that the Wi-Fi has been restored and is functioning properly. Although she did not provide specific information, she did mention that an investigation identified two students who potentially played a role in the disruption of our system.

How did they do it?

Several students informed NJ.com that they suspect the boys utilized a Wi-Fi interrupter program or application to overwhelm the school's routers with traffic in a denial of service (DoS) attack. This attack resulted in the network failing when students attempted to access it for classwork or online exams.

The news outlet interviewed a student at Secaucus High School who mentioned that she became aware of the Wi-Fi issue after a friend informed her that one of the suspects had been asked to disrupt the signal during an exam.

It was done for both the exam-adverse and for fun, she said:

One of the boys engaged in this behavior as a means to evade tests and similar obligations. Additionally, he did it on behalf of his friend, so that she could avoid taking a test during the class. Undoubtedly, it was a substantial prank.

Jamming phones, Wi-Fi and GPS is illegal

Some students were disgruntled – why should the whole class be disrupted because a few kids didn’t feel like squeezing out some brain juice that day? Others were impressed by the boys’ alleged technical acumen and sported more of a “Meh! Nobody got hurt” reaction, like this 10th grader:

I found it astonishing that a child of our age, or near our age, could accomplish such a task.

The manipulation of individuals' education is occurring, yet it is not causing harm to anyone.

Concerning the initial point, it is advisable for those students not to be overly influenced by their peers' supposed technological expertise. Despite the fact that gsm jammer are prohibited from being marketed, sold, or utilized in the United States - with the exception of authorized, official use by the federal government - they can easily be purchased online for a few hundred dollars.

With regards to nobody getting hurt when Wi-Fi crashes, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) begs to differ. When you use a signal jammer, you’re jamming critical communications, the FCC points out in its jammers FAQ:

Jammers present a significant threat beyond mere annoyance; they endanger public safety by obstructing the transmission of vital emergency communications. cell phone jammer fail to differentiate between casual conversations and urgent calls for help to loved ones or emergency services. Likewise, GPS and wifi jammer intentionally disrupt essential communication services, both routine and critical.

Several years ago, an incident occurred where a man was charged with a felony for deliberately disrupting the phone signals of his fellow commuters. This action was driven by his annoyance towards their conversations.

It is possible that no one was injured as a result of the school Wi-Fi jamming, however, it is crucial that children do not develop the belief that this is a harmless joke. The consequences are not trivial, and they can be quite serious.

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