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2024-06-12 11:18:36

GPS technology has fundamentally altered the way companies oversee their vehicle fleets. Real-time tracking capabilities now enable managers to monitor their vehicles effectively, a crucial aspect for businesses heavily reliant on transportation. Fleet GPS tracking has significantly improved operational efficiency and speed for these companies.

Azuga's high-tech tracking system offers a plethora of benefits, ranging from optimized route planning to effective fuel management. However, the presence of fleet GPS jammers can hinder your fleet's progress. Let us delve further into the topic of GPS jammers and explore preventive measures to ensure uninterrupted fleet operations.

What are Fleet GPS Jammers?

Concealing their whereabouts is made possible for drivers through the use of GPS jammers, which are small transmitter devices. These jammers operate by emitting radio signals on the same frequency as your fleet GPS device, resulting in interference that disrupts the GPS device's ability to track the vehicles' locations. Despite being illegal, the convenience of GPS signal jammers leads to many drivers disregarding the law and utilizing them.

How Do GPS Jammers Work?

A GPS jammer disrupts standard GPS signals. This disruption makes it difficult for devices to determine their location accurately. A driver can activate a GPS jammer with three easy steps:

  1. They plug the jammer into the auxiliary power outlet.

  2. The driver then places the unit near the fleet GPS tracker.

  3. When the driver activates the jammer, it creates an interference signal that lasts over a 5-10 meter radius of the fleet GPS signal.

Of course, you want to prevent your fleet drivers from using GPS jammers. Not only are they bad for your business, but they can also have serious consequences. They are illegal because they interfere with essential services like navigation and emergency communications.

Three Tips to Combat GPS Jammers

  • Tip #1: Privacy Mode Authorization

  • Some authorized drivers use their work vehicle for personal tasks, like taking it home or running errands during lunch breaks. In these situations, they might prefer not to be tracked. GPS tracking devices often have a "privacy mode" feature, allowing drivers and dispatchers to hide their location and activity temporarily. This feature helps protect their privacy without resorting to using GPS jammers.

  • Tip #2: Jamming Detection for Added Security

  • Advanced GPS tracking devices, like Azuga's Fleet tracking software, can detect GPS signal jamming. This feature safeguards against vehicle theft and aids in recovering stolen fleet vehicles.

  • Tip #3: Tracking Employees Using GPS Blockers

  • Even without jamming detection, you can still catch employees using GPS blockers. When an employee activates a GPS blocker, it shows as a missing or interrupted trip on the tracking map. Additionally, you can set up alerts for GPS signal errors to notify management when interference occurs. Using a blocker would likely draw more attention to their actions.

Tracking is Easier with Azuga!

Azuga’s fleet management solution can help you implement the above tips. Our state-of-the-art tracking software can detect signal jamming and track accurate driver location. Reach out to an expert today and try a demo of our software if GPS jamming is a concern within your fleet.

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Glendale police issue warning about burglars using WiFi signal jammers to disable alarms, security cameras

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- Glendale police have issued a warning about residential burglars who use WIFI jammers to disable security alarms and surveillance cameras.

As described by police Sgt. Victor Jackson, the devices used by thieves block the signal or scramble the WiFi. "So if you have a Ring camera, a Nest camera -- any kind of alarm system that is WiFi-based or a camera that's WiFi-based -- it blocks the signal and knocks it out," he said.

A disproportionate surge in residential burglaries plagued Glendale and Southern California in the fall, leading investigators to the crime trend.

"As our detectives started going into these cases, that's when they realized what was happening," Jackson said. "In some cases, because of the way the device works, it made it look like when you went back and rewound your tape and looked, it wasn't a black screen -- it was seamless. It didn't exist there, so there was no evidence."

Police recommend that residents increase security by:

  • hardwiring alarm systems and cameras,

  • using back-up batteries in those security devices,

  • installing sturdy locks on security gates,

  • enhancing exterior lighting,

  • securing windows and balconies,

  • and having a trusted neighbor or housesitter look after your home, when away.

The Glendale Police Department's residential burglary task force has been working to lower the number of break-ins, officials said.

"Our patrol officers, our motor officers, our special enforcement detail, and detectives -- we have them undercover in the area -- and we saturated the area," Jackson said.

Nora Alabi, a Glendale resident, told ABC7: "I feel like there's no part of the city that you can be in and not run into a cop or not run into a police car.

"If I stand here for five minutes, I might see like three cop cars drive by," she said. "So, because of that, I feel like it's a safe city."

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In a statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using wifi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

(TNS) — A group of thieves have been outsmarting smart devices across the Los Angeles area, authorities said.

8 Bands Jammer Device

In a March 4 statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using Wi-Fi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

This swarm of tech-savvy robberies in California is part of a larger “smart” crime wave happening nationwide. Last year, police in Minnesota and Connecticut issued similar warnings to residents when groups of Wi-Fi jamming thieves made their rounds. And those are just two examples of many.

While the Federal Communications Commission has banned Wi-Fi jamming devices, this doesn’t stop criminals from buying them cheaply, KARE11 reported. Wi-Fi jamming devices don’t necessarily deactivate devices, but work by overloading the network the devices are connected to.

“These (signal jamming) devices create traffic jams for the radio transmitter so that real traffic cannot get through,” cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman told the outlet.

“If you are going to use a Wi-Fi camera for your front door, perhaps consider using a hardline camera inside your home,” he said. Wired cameras connected via Ethernet cables do not rely on Wi-Fi networks and would not be disrupted by a Wi-Fi jammer.

Los Angeles police also recommends hard wiring burglary alarm systems

While “smart” technology may be part of the problem, it may also have a hand in the solution, according to Tom’s Hardware. Officials recommend using timers or smart home devices to make it look like someone is home while you are away. Some smart home technology also comes with the ability to alert users if the signal or connection has been interrupted.

Tom’s Hardware also recommends connecting surveillance devices that store camera footage directly on your device, and not just to a cloud storage system. By having a camera that records to itself, you’ll have footage saved during a Wi-Fi disruption.

The LAPD also encourages people to stay vigilant by locking their doors, relying on neighbors to check on things when away and reporting any strange activity, including suspicious vehicles with temporary or dealer plates.

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Jammers don't target individual phones - they actually block all phones in the affected area. They drown out communications between cell phones and base stations by generating RF noise - the equivalent of you trying to talk to someone while I'm standing next to you screaming at the top of my voice.

I doubt anyone is using jammers - jammers are uncommon, and the penalties for using jammers are quite severe in many places. Start by talking to your mobile carrier. If after all of this you still have reason to believe that jammers are being used, complain to the body responsible for radio and communication systems in your country - this could be the FCC in the US, or Ofcom in the UK - other countries will have their own equivalent.

Someone used a signal jammer on me. How do I find it and stop it?

I thought it was the same at my house where the signal was always down to 3g and I couldn't use the service unless I was outside. It turned out to be an IMSI trap installed in the apartment next door. I started getting phishing pages from my bank and realized that my email had been compromised, the virus software on my computer had been disabled, and everything I did had been copied because it acted as MITM.

Desktop  Jammers

How to prevent jammers?

This happened to me at the school where I worked. Now, a private company has rented the school building to conduct the exams. As previously agreed, in order to prevent rampant unfair practices in public exams, the company installed jammers in all 108 classrooms of our school. This was done a few days before the exam. Children are curious and mischievous by nature. One morning, we found that none of our smartphones on or off campus had received a signal. Several departments at a university next door were also affected. It's almost impossible for us to find the malicious jammer we suspect is at work. Fortunately, however, the school LAN as well as Internet connections and landlines are working. As head of technology, I had to come up with a solution, and today I'm going to share that solution.

Compared to GSM 4G cellular networks, Wifi uses a higher frequency (2.4 Ghz). The trick for all users with a phone that supports WiFi calling or VoIP is to route calls through the WiFi network. For other users with smartphones, the solution is to use Whatsapp to talk to FBM (Skype works too, only no one uses it except me).

This went on for a few days, and after the test was over, the renters left with their jammers.

Have you ever secretly used a cell phone blocker in a restaurant, theater, or on public transportation to end an unusually loud, obnoxious, and unnecessary phone conversation with a stranger sitting next to you?

I once rode the quiet Amtrak car between Boston and New York.

A woman was on the phone, completely oblivious to the signs posted and the announcements made over the public address system.

She replied, "The train hasn't moved yet," and continued the conversation.

From now on, all I have to do is ask the conductor for help, even if he's sitting next to me. I've gotten too many smart-aleck - or worse - replies.

Once, at a movie, I asked a young woman next to me to turn off her lit cell phone, and she reported me for harassment.

God, I'm easily twice her age, but that obviously doesn't count.

How to use cell phone jammer? Where can I buy one?

To use this phone number, first make sure you have the lawyer's phone number on hand - it is illegal to use a lawyer's phone number in most countries.

It's easy to find them online - try Google, but you'll have to check if they're allowed to be imported into your country. It's easy to find unsophisticated devices that broadcast across the entire spectrum (kind of like sparks, but more sophisticated), but this would obviously annoy more people and authorities even more, not least because it would block 911 calls and potentially also communications for emergency services, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

If you want a device that allows 911 calls but blocks other calls, it's very complicated and expensive. In addition, as more and more frequencies (from about 800Mhz to more than 3GHz) are used in cellular networks, these devices must cover a range of radio spectrum.

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Prior to midday on September 11, 2018, Jared Johns, a former Army private, positioned himself on his bed, activated the camera on his iPhone, and bid farewell to his loved ones.

As the two-minute video neared its conclusion, Johns's eyes grew wide upon reading a message on his screen: "She is heading to the authorities, and you will be incarcerated," the message stated.

Johns, a veteran of the Afghanistan conflict, inhaled deeply before positioning a 9 mm handgun beneath his chin and squeezing the trigger.

A large number of ex and current military personnel, including a 24-year-old veteran, have fallen victim to a malicious scheme known as "sextortion." This tragic plot, which resulted in the young veteran's suicide, involved deceitful individuals pretending to be underage girls on dating platforms. These scam artists then tried to extort money from men who fell into their trap, according to prosecutors.

However, the most surprising element of the storyline in Johns' situation was that it was reportedly executed by prisoners at Lee Correctional Institution, a high-security prison located in South Carolina approximately 150 miles east of Greenville. Moreover, the inmates managed to accomplish this using smartphones - prohibited gadgets that were supposed to be prevented by the prison's $1.7 million "managed access system."

Prison authorities, along with certain federal organizations, are considering acquiring a more advanced and possibly pricier technology to prevent illegal cellular and Wi-Fi communication from contraband phones in correctional facilities: a signal blocker device capable of blocking all calls within its designated area.

Bryan P. Stirling, the director of the South Carolina Department of Corrections, has emphasized that inmates may be physically incarcerated, but they still have digital freedom.

However, certain individuals with expertise caution against the use of jamming technology, as demonstrated by the recent testing conducted by the federal Bureau of Prisons in a South Carolina correctional facility. They argue that such technology may jeopardize public safety by disrupting emergency 911 calls and other cellphone services in close proximity. In the case of rural prisons, the worry extends to drivers on local roads and highways. Furthermore, these experts assert that the effectiveness of this technology is highly doubtful.

Jamming all calls, even to 911

The utilization of cellphone jammers, a technology that has long been opposed by the communications industry, has been proposed by corrections officials and federal agencies to address the issues at hand. These problems highlight the need for such measures, as they aim to prevent all calls, including those made from phones owned by staff or emergency workers.

Managed access systems enable individuals to place calls only if their numbers are pre-approved, whereas jammers have the capability to disrupt all frequencies, including data and Wi-Fi, without discrimination. This poses a significant challenge for the country's 911 phone system, as it operates on a frequency similar to that of commercial carriers.

Solely federal agencies have the legal authority to utilize jammers, under specific conditions related to national security. However, with the approval of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Trump in 2017, and the U.S. Department of Justice, the use of jammers in prisons may be permitted.

During the month of September, announcements were made by the department and state officials regarding a test conducted at South Carolina's Broad River Correctional Institution. The test revealed that a micro-jammer had the capability to block calls within a cell block, while still permitting "legitimate calls" just one foot outside the walls.

However, the technical report conducted by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration presented a different perspective. It highlighted that the test solely focused on one out of the 14 jammers necessary to obstruct calls in half of the cellblock. Additionally, the report indicated that jamming was detected at a minimum distance of 65 feet, although the extent of its impact on regular cell-phone service remained uncertain.

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A Chinese government-affiliated trade body sought to purchase drone-jamming equipment for Russian buyers, but dismissed accusations, claiming the Russians tried to buy children’s toys, FT says.

FT: China trade promotion body eyed drone jammers for Russia

China’s Guangdong Province Trade Promotion Association for Russia, established under the guidance of the provincial commerce department, posted a “Notice of foreign enterprises purchasing [unmanned aerial vehicle] equipment” on its WeChat social media site, seeking “interference generators, drone detectors (trade names BorisTone, Assel Labs, Bulat) or other similar technological solutions, UAV suppressors, communication frequency band signal blockers,” according to Financial Times.

China claims neutrality in the Russo-Ukrainian war, positioning itself as an alleged proponent of peace. Despite this, it provides economic support to Russia, including drone technology and gunpowder ingredients, following the announcement of their “no limits” relationship.

FT notes that the agency was set up last year to help Russian customers buy goods ranging from trucks to boats. This time, the buyers specifically wanted a locally produced equivalent to the Bulat drone detectors developed by the St. Petersburg company 3mx, which has said its products have been used “on the front lines” during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The procurement notice was later removed from the association’s WeChat account. When contacted by the Financial Times, a person from the group claimed it was “some sort of mistake” and alleged the Russian buyers were actually looking for “children’s toys,” contradicting the detailed drone countermeasure descriptions in the original post.

The US aims to disrupt supplies to Russia’s defense industry via China, a crucial support route for Putin’s war efforts. US Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo emphasized in Berlin on 31 May that Chinese firms must choose between trading with Western economies or supplying Russia with dual-use goods.

The Financial Times report highlights the dominant role China plays in the global drone supply chain through companies like DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone maker.

Earlier, British Defense Minister Grant Schapps stated that forthcoming evidence from American and British intelligence would show China providing lethal combat equipment to Russia for use in Ukraine. However, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan dismissed Shapps’ claims, noting at a White House press briefing that the US has not observed such activities and he anticipates coordinating with the UK for a unified understanding.

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The FCC says illegal devices that block cell phone signals could pose a security risk.

The FCC has noticed a rise in people selling "jammers." The devices can block cell phone calls, text messages, Wi-Fi networks and GPS systems and could be used to cause chaos in public places.

The small, battery-powered devices can be used to create "blind spots" in a small area (usually about 30 feet) and have been used by movie theaters, restaurants and schools to prevent people from using their phones. But they can also cut off 911 calls, interfere with navigation near airports and have been used to jam radio communications near police stations. FCC officials say they have noticed an increase in the flow of jammers, which are banned by federal law, into the U.S. Many of the cheaper versions, which sell for as little as $25, are imported from Asia, according to the agency.

It is illegal to sell, advertise, use or import jammers under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits blocking radio communications in public.

Earlier this week, the FCC issued subpoenas to eight individuals and companies that posted ads for jammers on Craigslist.

The FCC said cities including Orlando, Philadelphia, Austin, Mississippi, Charlotte, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., Cincinnati and Corpus Christi, Texas, advertised jammers on the site. Officials said they do not believe the cases are related.

"Simply posting an ad for a signal jammers on a site like Craigslist.org is a violation of federal law. Signal jammers are contraband for a reason," Michele Ellison, director of the FCC's enforcement bureau, said in a statement. "One person's moment of peace or privacy could jeopardize the safety and well-being of others."

According to the citations, most sellers advertised the jammers as a way to take an "undisturbed nap" on the bus, quiet a classroom or keep your area "free of interference," without mentioning the more nefarious uses the devices could be used for.

"We are increasingly concerned that individual consumers operating jammer devices do not appear to understand the serious consequences of using jammers," one of the citations read. "Instead, these operators mistakenly believed that their illegal operations were a matter of personal convenience or should be excused."

But the FCC said at least one seller appeared to know that jammers were contraband.

Keith Grabowski allegedly advertised on Philadelphia Craigslist for sale a "cell phone blocker, wifi blocker" for $300. In his ad, he said that "due to the nature of this item, we are revealing very few details," that the jammer was "not a toy," and that "I just wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible."

"The nature of the ad suggests that Mr. Grabowski knew about the sensitive and/or illegal nature of the equipment he was selling on Craigslist," the citation reads.

People who receive the ticket have 15 days to remove the ad from the site and provide the FCC with information about where the jammer was purchased and to whom it was sold. Simply posting an ad for the sale of a jammer could result in a fine of more than $100,000.

The FCC has set up a "jammer tip line" for people to report to the agency people who may be selling or using jammers.

"We intend to take increasingly tough enforcement action against offenders," Ellison said. "If we find you selling or operating a jammer, you will be punished."

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Expanding the scope of cell phone jammer applications

Cell phone jammers were initially created for law enforcement to intercept messages from terrorists and criminals. Over time, they have undergone significant advancements. Nowadays, they play a crucial role not only in combating terrorism but also in various official and civilian applications. Their capability to block communications as a precautionary step against organized crime and to disable remote-controlled explosive devices makes them essential in contemporary security measures. Furthermore, there have been instances where signal jammers have prevented attempts to assassinate prominent figures, underscoring their vital function in high-risk security situations.

Technological advances enhance jamming capabilities

The efficiency of cell phone jammers is attributed to the sophisticated technology powering them. These gadgets emit precise signals that disrupt the functioning of the remote-controlled receiver, thus thwarting the implementation of any programmed instructions. It is crucial to note that this interference is limited to a specified zone, guaranteeing that devices beyond this shielded region remain unaffected. This accuracy is vital for upholding uninterrupted communication across a broader expanse while safeguarding the intended area.

Jammers employ uniquely coded signals to trick GSM device receivers, stopping mobile phones from linking up with their respective base stations. This advanced method guarantees that any effort to communicate through a cell phone within the jammed area is successfully disrupted, while authorized communications beyond the jammed area continue without interruption.

Applications Beyond Terrorism

  1. Educational Institutions:

    - Cell phone jammers are increasingly used in educational institutions to prevent cheating in exams. By blocking signals within exam rooms, authorities can ensure a fair exam environment.

  2. Prisons and Detention Centers:

    - In detention centers, jammers are essential to prevent inmates from making unauthorized calls, which could coordinate criminal activity outside the facility.

  3. Corporate Security:

    - Companies use jammers to protect sensitive information during high-level meetings, ensuring that no unauthorized recording or transmission occurs.

  4. Public Events and Venues:

    - During large public events such as concerts or sporting events, jammers can prevent disruptions and ensure the safety of attendees by blocking potential threats such as remote control devices.

  5. Hospitals:

    - In medical settings, jammers help maintain security in areas where cell phone signals could interfere with sensitive medical equipment.

It is evident that cell phone jammers offer numerous advantages; however, their utilization necessitates a careful balance between ethical and legal factors. The deployment of jammers is subject to regulations that differ across countries and regions. In numerous locations, their usage is restricted to authorized individuals and specific situations to prevent any potential abuse and guarantee uninterrupted access to emergency communications.

With the continuous advancement of technology, it is expected that cell phone jammers will undergo further improvements. These future enhancements may involve refining the targeting capabilities to minimize any unintended disruptions, enhancing the portability for quick deployment in dynamic scenarios, and strengthening the encryption to ensure that jamming signals remain impenetrable.

Cell phone jammers have transformed from a niche law enforcement tool to a versatile device with widespread use in security, privacy, and public safety. By leveraging advanced technology, these devices play a vital role in protecting against threats ranging from terrorism to cheating on exams. However, their use must be strictly regulated to balance security needs with individual rights and freedoms. As we move forward, the continued development of jamming technology promises to enhance our ability to protect and secure society from emerging challenges.

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Discontent is a significant factor in the growth of individuals, communities, and civilization. Excessive dissatisfaction may have negative consequences, but an appropriate level of discontent can bring about positive outcomes. If everyone is content with the status quo, progress will stagnate, leading to the decline of humanity. In this article, we will present the necessity of discontent in the creation of cell phone signal jammers.

The primary purpose of a cell phone jammers is to effectively obstruct unauthorized communication signals whenever necessary. This device is particularly well-suited for individuals employed in diverse government and correctional institutions. However, it is important to note that signal jammers have the capability to impede communications, posing a significant security risk.

Security is a crucial requirement for certain facilities due to clear reasons. Take military facilities, for instance, where communication is strictly regulated and requires prior approval.

Cell phones play an important role in our daily life. Why are there cell phone blockers now? Dissatisfaction is dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with the improper use of mobile phones in some formal occasions. Discontent is also a driving force of human civilization as a whole. It can be said that in primitive society, science came into being because ancestors were not satisfied with their understanding of the world, and technology came into being because ancestors were not satisfied with simple manual labor. This curiosity and desire, in fact, also led to the prosperity of technology later.

Use jammers to prevent interference and block unauthorized communications

In order to avoid disruptions, it is essential to utilize a signal jammer to enhance your daily life. Several nations prohibit the use of cell phone jammers by individuals. It is important to verify the regulations in your area. Some people opt to install jammers, particularly cell phone jammers, to prevent disturbances. If it is permissible under your country's laws, you may acquire a beneficial jamming device.

In various settings such as classrooms, conference rooms, presentations, or religious services, receiving a call at an inappropriate moment can lead to significant disruptions. However, the use of cell phone jammers can effectively prevent such calls from occurring in the first place. By employing these devices, interference and unwanted phone noise can be blocked, granting you the ability to regain control over the situation.

Encountered this scenario before? The phone kept ringing, yet no one bothered to address the disturbance. You vocalize, "Kindly silence your phone." Unfortunately, your call goes unanswered. In a large gathering, instructing individuals to silence their devices proves ineffective. A considerable portion will inevitably keep their devices active for various reasons. The solution? A cell phone jammer.

It is a matter of debate whether this signifies a broader issue within society, nevertheless, it remains a fact. Even during solemn occasions like funerals, it is unavoidable that there will be intermittent phone calls to disrupt the silence or offer prayers.

The signal jammer has the capability to disrupt the frequency required for a phone to receive incoming calls, regardless of the circumstances, resulting in the phone not ringing.

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The individual who fitted a laser jamming device in his commercial vehicle to evade speeding fines has received a suspended prison term, been instructed to pay a fine of £3000, and subjected to a two-month curfew.

Jason Moore was convicted by a jury at Swansea Crown Court for obstructing justice by installing a Laser Star jamming device on a VW Transporter van to obstruct a laser speed camera operator from Dyfed-Powys Police in determining the vehicle's speed.

James Hartson, the prosecutor, informed the court that in September 2018, the van was observed traveling at a high rate of speed as it neared the speed camera near Nantyci Showground on the A40, St Clears, heading towards Camarthen.

The camera operator encountered an error message while trying to measure the speed of the vehicle. Despite this, the operator had received training from Road Safety Support experts to identify the specific conditions that could trigger such an error message.

Dyfed-Powys Police, as part of Road Safety Support, enlisted the expertise of Steve Callaghan, a forensic video analyst and laser jammers specialist employed by the company.

Mr. Callaghan received a copy of the video and verified the presence of a suspicious device in the footage. Additionally, he observed that the laser signal jammers emitted light from the van's grille while error messages were being displayed by the laser speedmeter.

Following Mr. Callaghan's initial assessment and recommendations to Dyfed-Powys Police, the van was retrieved in order to conduct testing on the device and gather evidence.

A comprehensive report was compiled detailing the examination results and the circumstances surrounding the incident, during which the speed could not be determined. Road Safety Support determined that the van was traveling at a speed of 72 mph, exceeding its maximum permitted speed of 60 mph.

Mr. Moore stated that he was unaware of the Laser Star jamming system's ability to interfere with the speed measurement feature of a police speedmeter. He asserted that he purchased the device specifically for its parking sensor function.

Mr. Moore selected David Winstanley, a former police collision investigator, who asserted his proficiency in laser and video systems, to serve as his expert witness.

Mr. Winstanley emphasized that the Laser Star should be marketed as a 'parking sensor' rather than being viewed primarily as a laser jamming device.

Mr. Callaghan clarified that utilizing a laser beam for identifying parking obstacles was completely unsuitable and mostly ineffective. He pointed out that a parking sensor does not have to be set to disrupt a laser speedmeter in any circumstance. Additionally, the Laser Star is advertised as being able to disrupt speed cameras in its instructions and marketing materials, which is not a feature of a parking sensor.

Mr. Moore further mentioned in his explanation that the security firm he was employed by required staff to cover the costs of any harm inflicted on company vehicles. He argued that he installed the device to minimize the likelihood of damage.

Moore was convicted by a jury and received a sentence at Swansea Crown Court on October 18, 2021.

Judge Vosper QC deemed Moore's defense as baseless, expressing no astonishment over the jury's dismissal of it.

Moore received a suspended 32-week custodial sentence, which will remain in effect for a period of 2 years. Additionally, he has been instructed to settle costs and fines amounting to £3,000, and a curfew lasting two months has been imposed upon him.

Can police tell if you have a laser jammer?

The utilization of a lidar gun by the police, directed towards a vehicle, will result in the device displaying either "no response" or cosine error. In the event of such an error, the police will be unable to determine whether the vehicle is equipped with a laser jammer or if they are simply not targeting the vehicle accurately. Consequently, this grants the driver an opportunity to modify their speed before the police can retrieve the data once more.

Since police need to be stationary and able to see a vehicle at close range without cover for lidar to work properly, if police receive a false response the first time they fire their lidar gun, the targeted driver will likely have time to adjust his speed when out of range. Lidar is most often used by motorcycle police or identifiable patrol cars, who use it most effectively on major roads, which limits when and where they can be used. In the case of heavy traffic, the police lidar gun is very effective at focusing on the vehicle and instantly calculating its speed, distance and direction.

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