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2024-05-29 11:22:14

A Fairhope man was charged last week with interfering with a 911 dispatch call, and new court documents show a similar thing happened at the same apartment building a month earlier.

The residents of the apartment were the first to know and called the police.

On June 6, Trenton Lisak, 31, allegedly interfered with 911 dispatch calls from the Mobile Police Department, Fire Rescue, the sheriff and even the Metropolitan Jail in the downtown entertainment district. Police say Lissak carried out the well-planned attack from an apartment in downtown Mobile.

"People with these kinds of resources obviously cause a lot of concern," said Michael Kraus, a resident of the apartment building.

In a moment of life and death, this can be catastrophic

Officials at the Mobile County 911 Center told FOX10 News that detectives traced the disturbance to the 9th floor, where they found Lisak as well as the black market mobile jammer.

Now, new court documents show that a month ago, multiple tenants in the building complained that Wi-Fi and phones were not working.

Investigators said at the time that AT&T had gone to the apartment where Lissak was staying and told a tenant to stop interfering. After the disruption stopped, it began again on June 6. At that time detectives found the strongest signal jamming at the same door.

Kraus, who lives on a nearby floor, said the poor Wi-Fi signal affected his remote work for weeks

"Things are moving slowly, and I can see that there are issues like connectivity issues and interference," Krause said. "To me personally, it was very different, but after he left, or in this case, I guess arrested him, everything seemed to go back to normal." Since you told me it was on the 9th, that must explain a lot."

Court records show that Lissak is no stranger to the law. He was jailed for unrelated crimes, including a burglary in Baldwin County.

911 service director Charlie McNicol said Lissack's motive was unclear.

"He could have a variety of reasons, like he just likes to watch chaos, or he has mental issues, or unfortunately, he could be planning a major event and want to ensure public safety by interfering with communications," McNicol said.

Other residents told FOX10 News reporter Lacey Beasley that they saw SWAT officers enter the building the day Lisak was arrested.

But employees at the apartment said he did not live there.

The FBI is investigating.

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2024-05-28 14:47:12

On Tuesday, a 63-year-old man from Chicago was accused of utilizing an unauthorized device to seek tranquility while on the CTA.

Audrina Bigos from CBS 2 reveals that this is not the initial instance where the man has faced allegations of disrupting cell phone signals, and numerous grievances regarding dropped calls have caught people's attention.

Dennis Nicholl, a certified public accountant, exited the jail wearing a ball cap and business casual attire following his felony charge for using a signal jamming device.

Keegan Goudie mentioned that the device was very noticeable, prompting him and his brother to write a blog post about it on thesixthirty.com after seeing it on the CTA Red Line.

Chas mentioned that he appeared to have malicious intentions and that the device in question was not something he should be handling.

Cell phone signal disruptors can be purchased on the internet for prices ranging from $30 to $300. The sale, purchase, or use of these devices is prohibited by federal law. These disruptors have the capability to interfere with cell phone signals, police communication systems, and emergency calls.

Keegan stated that it demonstrates the extent of an individual's capabilities in terms of security and terrorist threats within any significant urban area.

Chicago Police spent months looking into reports of dropped calls on the Red Line. Eventually, a 911 caller alerted authorities to the infamous Nicholl. He was apprehended by undercover officers on a CTA platform on Tuesday and is currently charged with a felony.

Attorney Charles Lauer stated that he did not have any intention to harm anyone.

According to his attorney, Nicholl's motivation for using signal blocker was simply to find solace amidst the constant disturbance caused by numerous individuals engrossed in their cell phones.

The FCC states that individuals who use cell phone blocker may be subject to imprisonment and substantial fines. Violators could face penalties of $16,000 per violation or up to $112,000 for a single instance of using the device.

Nicholl was released from jail on Wednesday evening after posting bail.

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2024-05-27 12:27:50

What’s the context?

US prison officials harness new technology to crack down on contraband cellphones but some still want powers to jam signals

  • South Carolina programme shuts off more than 800 phones

  • Federal action on broader signal jamming tech seen as unlikely

  • Activists raise privacy, rights concerns for prisoners

RICHMOND, Virginia - As director of South Carolina's Department of Corrections, Bryan Stirling believes he knows what is needed to make the state's 21 penal institutions safer while also protecting people outside the prison walls.

Ideally, Stirling would like to have the power to jam phone signals from the state's prisons to tackle the scourge of illegal cellphones being used to facilitate crimes ranging from sex trafficking to murder-for-hire and drug dealing.

But this action has been prohibited under federal law for decades, and there is no immediate sign of change despite numerous appeals from law enforcement officers across the country, including a letter from top state prosecutors to the leaders of Congress last year.

With no movement likely in the near future, South Carolina opted for a pilot programme that allowed authorities in Lee Correctional Institution to identify and shut down contraband cellphones. More than 800 phones have been shut off at Lee since last July, out of an inmate population of about 1,100.

"We call it a pilot, but it's basically the system in there now," said Stirling. "We are using this technology in Lee and we will continue to use this technology until we can secure the money to do it everywhere."

Cellphone jammers not enough to block calls from prisoners

  1. This is the view of senior prison officials who tell the Sunday Express that even though signal blocker (which they say are operational) are used to block signals from cellphones within the prisons, other interception technologies are needed for the system to be effective.

  2. Cellphone jammers are being used. But they need to be in use with other technologies like Wi-Fi jammers to be truly effective. We can see this in other jurisdictions. But it’s yet to be properly utilised here.

  3. “So you will have prisoners with cellphones and tablets who cannot make calls. But they can use either the phone’s data, or if they have access to a hot-spot device or a Wi-Fi box, they will be able to make calls via social media apps. These include things like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. So there is still the issue of communication with the outside world. Communication is still being made.

  4. “In other jurisdictions, you will see the cellphone jammers being used with other interception devices to determine the frequencies used by these devices, and then target those specific frequencies. If this is not done, then it’s almost like spinning top in mud,” a senior source in the Prison Service explained yesterday.

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2024-05-25 11:52:37

A laser jammer is a device designed to produce a "no response" or cosine error when a police officer directs a laser radar gun towards a vehicle. By displaying this error, the laser radar gun fails to provide any indication to the police officer whether the vehicle is equipped with a laser jammers or if their aim is simply off target.

A laser signal jammers is a tool that produces a "no response" or cosine error signal when a law enforcement officer directs a laser radar gun towards a vehicle. This error signal prevents the police officer from determining whether the vehicle is using a laser jammer or if they are not targeting the vehicle accurately.

How to jam police lasers?

In order to counteract the effects of a laser, it is essential for the front laser jammers to safeguard the headlights, license plate, and the reflective surfaces in their vicinity. Conversely, at the rear, the license plate and tail lights become the main focal points. Additionally, the center high-mounted stop light, backup lights, and vertical reflective surfaces are also susceptible. Surprisingly, even a spare tire/wheel assembly mounted on the tailgate can be targeted, as demonstrated by our successful attempt at hitting a Jeep Wrangler's aluminum spare wheel from a distance of 2,500 feet.

Can you install a laser jammer on your car?

California Vehicle Code Section 28150 (Division 12: Equipment of Vehicles, Chapter 5: Other Equipment, Article 17: Jamming Devices) states the following:

(a) No vehicle shall be equipped with any device that is designed for, or is capable of, jamming, scrambling, neutralizing, disabling, or otherwise interfering with radar, laser, or any other electronic device used by a law enforcement agency to measure the speed of moving objects.

(b) No person shall use, buy, possess, manufacture, sell, or otherwise distribute any device that is designed for jamming, scrambling, neutralizing, disabling, or otherwise interfering with radar, laser, or any other electronic device used by a law enforcement agency to measure the speed of moving objects.

(c) Except as provided in subdivision (d), a violation of subdivision (a) or (b) is an infraction.

(d) When a person possesses four or more devices in violation of subdivision (b), the person is guilty of a misdemeanor.

(e) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who has a valid federal license for operating the devices described in this section may transport one or more of those devices if the license is carried in the vehicle transporting the device at all times when the device is being transported.

Can police radar measure speeds or more than one vehicle?

Police radars mounted on the dashboard have the capability to detect the speed of multiple vehicles simultaneously, often up to two.

Presently, radar technology allows for the simultaneous targeting of multiple vehicles, enabling the identification of the fastest vehicle in a group as well as the vehicle with the emest radar signal reflection. However, visual determination by the officer is still necessary to determine the fastest vehicle among those targeted.

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2024-05-24 12:25:39

In 2011, the Payson Police Department believed they were acquiring a cell phone jammers from a government program supplying surplus military equipment to law enforcement agencies. However, they ended up with a smokescreen device from a U.S. Navy ship.

“The ‘Electronic Countermeasures’ were supposed to be cell phone jamming devices. However, what was sent were smoke machines off of a naval ship,” Chief of Police Ronald Tischer said in an email to Arizona Mirror. “So, we are in the process of sending them back. They were never used and have been in storage since 2011.”

The Mirror reached out to the Payson Police Department after analyzing data published by the Defense Logistics Agency about military equipment sent to local law enforcement agencies across the country. The department obtained two items listed as “electronic countermeasures” in 2011 both valued at roughly $4,800.

Company offering cell, drone and other jammers is fined $35 million

Despite the possibility of not recovering the fine, the Federal Communications Commission announced yesterday that it has imposed a penalty forfeiture order of $34.9 million on Chinese electronics manufacturer and online retailer C.T.S. Technology for selling signal jamming devices to American consumers.

Radio frequency transmitters known as "jammers" are deliberately designed to obstruct, disturb, or impede wireless communications, including cell phone calls, GPS systems, Wi-Fi networks, and emergency communications.

C.T.S. Technology has been subjected to an investigation by the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, resulting in the Commission's proposal to impose a fine of $34,912,500. This penalty is being considered due to the company's marketing of 285 jammer models within the United States.

The company was directed by the FCC to guarantee that its marketing adheres to federal law. Despite not responding to the proposed fine, referred to as a "Notice of Apparent Liability," the company has subsequently implemented various measures to align its marketing practices with the U.S. laws that prohibit the marketing, sale, and importation of signal jammers.

The Commission did not receive any evidence from C.T.S. Technology to challenge the findings of the proposed fine. Therefore, yesterday's decision, which was a formal forfeiture order, upheld the full proposed fine against the company.

But collecting that money may be difficult.

Due to C.T.S. failing to acknowledge receipt of the NAL, the FCC reached out to the Chinese government to issue the NAL, as allowed by international law.

However, China's designated service affairs agency disregarded the agency's request and concluded that a forfeiture filing was suitable.

C.T.S. must make payment within 30 days. The FCC has not disclosed any further steps that will be taken in the event of non-payment.

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2024-05-23 12:16:29

Bear will endeavor to elucidate the complexities at hand. Initially, there arises the matter of what and how they are disrupting. Bear will presume that they are causing interference rather than engaging in hacking, as the latter entails an entirely distinct matter.

In the event that a human experiences a loss of network connection to Ubear while still maintaining phone, data service, and GPS connectivity, it is highly likely that the problem lies with the Ubear application. It is unwarranted to suspect that nearby drivers are causing this issue through jamming. When Ubear loses coverage, which is common in its mountainous habitat, no specific actions need to be taken to regain access to U/L. This appears to be a problem with the human's phone.

If human is being jammed, most off-the-shelf (all illegal) jammers are going to be broadband and omnidirectional. In fact, bear finds in a search that such devices advertise their broadband capability. So any driver using one is going to potentially take out not only cell service but also TV broadcast (which still uses the parts of the good ol' UHF band that haven't been sold to the cell providers) and possibly GPS, and maybe even local 2.4GHz services (wifi, bluetooth), within the range of cell phone jammers. These devices aren't exactly subtle and many of them have a stupid amount of broadcast power. Bear saw one device with 8W transmit; in comparison, bear's marine radio normally uses 1W, but if bear is about to drown (bear can swim quite well) and needs the Coast Guard to come from miles away to save bear, bear can kick it up to 25W which gives range of up to 60 miles (the Coast Guard has bigass antennae to receive).

Consequently, signal jammers will inadvertently disable their own capacity to receive any signal, ultimately disconnecting themselves from the network.

If you had a particularly sophisticated rideshare driver/jammer, they would deploy a network of directional jammers to yield a shaped jamming coverage that created a window for them to receive signal at these magical hotels, but block pings from going to outside drivers. Not impossible, radio stations have to shape their broadcast signals in order to avoid interference with surrounding markets. Just somewhat technically challenging for a rideshare driver with off-the-shelf equipment (bear did not see any directional antennae on the first few results in a Goggle search). This would be the type of thing that is going on in the Ukraine war with government-sponsored technicians.

Additionally, the designated period for a hotel's busy checkout time should ideally span approximately one hour. In a stationary setting, this duration is set at a minimum of 15 minutes. This timeframe is significantly longer than the duration in which the reckless driver, who was caught jamming a specific cell tower during his morning commute, would have been causing interference. If individuals are actively disrupting GPS signals, it is reasonable to assume that military entities might also become aware of such activities. Undoubtedly, any driver in Florida is always in close proximity to a Coast Guard resource.

It is possible, perhaps even plausible, that they possess a low-power device with a limited range of operation. They seem to be aware of the fact that the human takes daily naps in a specific location. Consequently, they position themselves in close proximity to the human, causing a brief disruption by jamming their device for a few seconds. Remarkably, the human's phone is of such poor quality that it is susceptible to this interference. Excellent! Now all they need to do is repeat this process with the numerous other ants patiently awaiting their turn, as they continue to drive around.

All to earn $0.60/mile on a ride?

Bear recommends that individuals keep another service active while taking a nap, such as Pandora. If Pandora does not experience any disruptions in the same way, it implies that the person is not encountering any interference (unless they are solely disrupting the GPS, which should not necessitate restarting their phone as mentioned).

The Bear possesses a test receiver capable of encompassing all bands ranging from FM to UHF, spanning approximately 75 to 900MHz. The Bear extends a warm invitation to humans to borrow this receiver! Simply adjust it to a TV band that corresponds to the human's local market and suppress the audio signal of the TV station. Once gps jammers is activated, its disruptive noise will overpower the squelch, providing the human with absolute certainty.

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2024-05-22 12:58:50

Canada held a National Summit on Combatting Auto Theft on February 8, 2024 in Ottawa. The Summit sought to bring together stakeholders to solve this very serious problem.

A major outcome of the Summit is that the government will disrupt the supply chain that makes available devices that are often used in vehicle theft by criminals in the process of stealing vehicles.

Vehicle theft has grown to be a very critical issue in Canada: The country is seeking to mitigate this situation. News reports reveal that car thieves have developed systematic techniques where it is easy to obtain stolen vehicles for sale in other markets. The federal government with the support of advocates is implementing plans to reduce this problem.

Should vehicle manufacturers do more to stop vehicle theft?

This very question of more remedies needed to stop vehicle theft has stimulated the growth of Aftermarket solutions. Antitheft systems and devices are growing in popularity becuase some people feel insecure about simply replying on the vehicle manufactures built-in security systems. The Forbes article below highlights this concern:

"Manufacturers are always working to improve the anti-theft measures in vehicles, but thieves work just as hard to defeat them. According to FBI statistics, in 2020 the U.S. saw an 11.8% increase in car thefts over the prior year, and the trend has continued. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that over 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2022. That’s a 7% increase over 2021, and the first time there were over 1 million vehicles stolen since 2008."

When the pickup truck was stolen, the thieves allegedly removed a factory-installed GPS tracker but the owner had his own backup plan: a second GPS tracker which was installed by a trained mechanic. This second telematics device enabled him to locate the Toyota Tundra at a parking lot in Toronto before he called the police.

The strategy of using a second backup tracker is a common strategy used all over the world: The typical weakness of this approach is Management and Maintenance. Management speaks to checking on the proper functioning of the Tracker at regular intervals. Maintenance requires prompt attention at the earliest signs of malfunction.

Information Risk

I believe that Information RISK is the typical reason why some persons chose backup security devices. Vehicle manufacturers adopt strategies to secure information on primary built-in tracking systems and devices so that vehicle security is not compromised. As the age old adage goes "a chain is as strong as its weakness link".

The vehicle service and maintenance information systems has to be distributed downstream involving more human players which inherently increases the risk that ethical issues may compromise security. How to prevent Information from being leaked to bad actors is always a systemic concern.

Information Risk Mitigation

The Information Risk Management (IRM) plan addresses the risk mitigation strategy using policies, technology and procedures to minimize the probability of information security leaks.

Once it becomes apparent that vehicles are being stolen despite the IRM being in place, data should be collected and analyzed to assess how the IRM can be strengthened. The spectrum of compromises varies from sharing of Master Access Codes, Encryption Algorithms or an individual in the Supply Chain informing criminal elements how to defeat the built-in security.

The tools devices generally used to steal vehicles include GPS and GSM Jammers.

GSM & GPS Jammers

Information on how to temporarily block GSM and GPS Signal jammers are readily available online.

Tech-Savvy criminals can learn and become proficient

The GPS Tracker which is an Internet of Things (IoT) device, detects the attempts to jam GSM and GPS transmissions: This electronic attack interferes with the operation of the tracker in it's function to protect the vehicle from being stolen. The small electronic circuit board within the device gathers GPS, GSM, Bluetooth data and other information that keeps the vehicle secure. Satellite data determines vehicle location and elevation.

Is the vehicle on a mountain road or driving through a tunnel under a river. The GSM module assists the GPS module by also providing tracking data based on Mobile Cellsite Towers: This information assists the GPS functionality of the tracker. The Mobile (GSM) data connectivity from the wireless telephone operators such as T-Mobile or Bell Mobility (Bell Canada) allows for the sending of Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring data from the Tracker to GPS Tracking platforms (Software) such as Navixy.com.

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2024-05-21 14:38:36

The device resembling a walkie-talkie, known as a phone jammer, possesses greater power than one may initially assume. Once activated, this compact box has the capability to disrupt all cell phone signals within its vicinity. Utilizing such a device is not only a violation of federal law, but can also lead to severe consequences such as a $16,000 penalty and imprisonment.

Eric, a resident of Philadelphia, refused to let the situation deter him. He grew weary of the incessant chatter from cell phone users on SEPTA 44 buses. In order to avoid these conversations, Eric decided to activate a jamming device.

Eric mentioned that many individuals lack consideration for privacy and tend to be excessively noisy. To cope with the disturbance, he adjusts the antenna and switches on the device.

The utilization of jammers, similar to the ones employed in this particular scenario, is deemed unlawful due to their ability to disrupt crucial communication channels during emergencies, including cell phone networks, as well as impeding the transmission of essential signals like police radios and other two-way radios.

Eric stated that upon learning of its illegality, he intends to dispose of the jammer he purchased, a device that ABC News approximated to be worth $300.

Buying a jammer is easy, but where can you use it?

Various methods for deliberately disrupting electromagnetic frequencies, commonly referred to as jamming, have been incorporated into a range of gadgets and are progressively becoming more accessible to both individuals and groups. Despite being prohibited in many regions globally, jammers are becoming more compact, portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective. While certain jammers may obstruct communications without discrimination, there exist distinct categories of specialized devices engineered to block specific signals. The most sought-after among these are mobile phone jammers, wifi jammers, drone blocker, and gps jammers.

Most national authorities disapprove of the use of these devices due to their tendency to cause more significant disruptions than anticipated. Even when used with good intentions, such as to block mobile phone usage in schools, theaters, and hospitals, or to prevent drones from flying over private property, the interference can extend far beyond the intended scope. Unintended consequences like dropped 911 calls, drones crashing, and compromised air traffic control have prompted countries like South Africa and Israel to ban jammers altogether.

Is there somewhere I can use a jammer?

Jammers are frequently employed near correctional facilities and detention centers to inhibit unauthorized and unmonitored interactions between inmates and detainees and the external environment. Some nations, including Brazil, India, New Zealand, and Sweden, have either granted exemptions or are contemplating exemptions for the deployment of mobile phone and wifijammer around prisons, whereas in the UK, this practice has been lawful since 2012.

Some nations have authorized or suggested broadening the utilization of jammers. In India, for instance, jammers may be utilized in educational institutions, places of worship, and entertainment venues as long as it is proven that the disruption remains within the confines of the premises. While jammers were previously sanctioned for deployment in locations like theaters and concert halls, this practice ceased in 2012.

If you find yourself in possession of a cell phone blocker, what course of action should you take? One option to consider is booking your upcoming flight to Ukraine, as this country has implemented measures to deter students from using mobile phones for cheating during exams, making it one of the rare nations where jammers are permitted.

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2024-05-20 12:26:38

Why use cell phone blockers?

Signal jammers are deemed essential in locations where adhering to cellphone etiquette proves challenging; however, their prohibition stems from the potential hazards they present to public safety and communication infrastructures.

Are cell phone blockers legal?

In South Africa, the preservation of communication network integrity is crucial, leading to the strict prohibition of mobile jammers by law. Similar to numerous other regions worldwide, the utilization of such devices goes against the legal structure put in place to uphold public safety and guarantee communication reliability.

The South African signal jammers are considered illegal due to their inherent interference with authorized radio communications. Their disruption of signal transmission between mobile devices and cell towers poses a substantial threat to public safety. This interference can obstruct crucial emergency calls, cause delays in response times, and potentially put lives at risk. Furthermore, signal jammers have the capability to disrupt law enforcement communications, impede the effectiveness of police operations, and jeopardize public safety.

Does a signal booster work against cell phone jammers?

Regrettably, the signal booster proves to be ineffective when faced with a signal jammer. This is primarily due to the fact that signal jammers intentionally disrupt the transmission of cellular signals, thereby interfering with the very signal that the signal booster is intended to enhance.

A signal booster's purpose is to receive a cellular signal from outside a building or vehicle, boost it, and transmit the emer signal within a specific area. But, when a signal jammer is in use, it disrupts or replaces natural cellular signals, hindering the signal booster's ability to receive and amplify them effectively.

Detect and respond to cell phone jammers

Detecting signal jammers poses a significant challenge for the average consumer due to their stealthy nature and lack of clear indicators. Service interruptions or sudden loss of connection may suggest the presence of jammers, but these signs can also be caused by other factors like network congestion or technical issues.

Specialized equipment or expertise is often necessary to accurately determine the exact location of a signal jammer. Most consumers do not have access to advanced spectrum analyzers or RF detectors, which are typically required for pinpointing the source of interference. Therefore, if there are suspicions of illegal interference activities, it is recommended to seek help from law enforcement agencies or relevant regulatory bodies. These authorities possess the necessary resources and expertise to effectively investigate and resolve such incidents.

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2024-05-18 12:09:00

The topic at hand pertains to wifi interference and devices that rely on wifi for transmitting data.

The discussed wifi interference does not impact cellular or sensor RF signals.

Wifi-enabled cameras and wifi communication for dual path signaling could be vulnerable. Certain third-party security systems rely solely on wifi, and they appear to occasionally substitute the term security system with that of a single doorbell camera.

Extended wifi disconnection would be identified as a dual path communication breakdown. The system utilizes RF jam detection for PowerG and traditional sensor frequencies, however, there is no mention of wifi interference.

wifi jammer and cellular jammers are both designed to block different signals that require jamming.

They manufacture combination devices that effectively disrupt both cellular and wifi signals within a single unit.

Criminals are becoming increasingly adept and employing more elaborate methods to carry out their illicit activities.

The news broadcasted footage of burglars entering a business located next to jewelry stores due to their vulnerability to break-ins. They were seen utilizing a sledgehammer to breach the drywall and gain access to the jewelry store.

It is important to emphasize that my intention is not to cause unnecessary alarm, but it is worth noting that thieves are increasingly going to extreme measures to break into properties.

It is my firm belief that alarm companies must confront this issue and proactively stay ahead of the changing trends.

The Glendale Police Department released a statement on Tuesday regarding the recent increase in residential burglaries that have occurred over the last few months, not only in Glendale but also throughout Southern California.

The GPD stated that suspects have been using technology in certain instances to carry out these crimes, including the use of Wi-Fi signal blockers or "jammers" to avoid being detected by home security alarms and cameras.

These devices emit signals that are inaudible to humans and effectively disrupt Wi-Fi signals and security systems, rendering them disconnected from the network and alarm systems disabled. A portable signal jammers, capable of blocking wireless communications within a 15-meter radius, exemplifies such a device.

GPD has stated that this technology causes interference with the signals transmitted by residential Wi-Fi systems, resulting in the interruption of conventional home security systems and cameras. Consequently, these security measures become incapable of notifying homeowners or law enforcement about the presence of intruders. The occurrence of such incidents has given rise to substantial apprehensions regarding the safety and security of our community.

The number of burglaries has been steadily declining according to the latest report from GPD. In December and January, there were 19 incidents each, followed by 18 in February. The most recent data shows that there have been eight burglaries so far in March.

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