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2024-06-25 11:39:58

The Morris County Police Department is warning residents about a new home invasion technique that involves jamming Wi-Fi signals, making it impossible for residents to call for help or access security cameras while thieves are inside the home.

Police say the technique was used by thieves in an unsuccessful burglary in Florham Park earlier this week.

According to a social media post by Florham Park Police Chief Joseph Orlando, authorities believe the suspect is part of a South American burglary ring that uses Wi-Fi jammers.

"While Wi-Fi jammers are nothing new to the criminal world, this is the first time we have seen or heard of them being used in Morris County," Orlando said. "The advancement in criminal technology used by these criminal gangs is alarming."

A resident of Lincoln Avenue in Florham Park was in his basement around 11:30 a.m. Monday when he heard a loud bang coming from the first floor, police said. He checked his home's security cameras and saw a man trying to gain entry to his home.

Soon after, the resident's camera system and cell phone lost service, indicating the suspect had used a Wi-Fi signal jammers to disable any Wi-Fi-enabled device, police said.

The suspect fled after realizing the resident was home, police said.

Still unable to use his cell phone to call for help because of the jammer, the resident ran out to the street to get help, police said. A pedestrian called 911.

Florham Park police arrived less than a minute later and searched for the suspect, authorities said. The Madison Police Department and Morris County Sheriff's Office also assisted in the search, but the man was not found.

Police said they suspected the man was part of a South American burglary ring that used Wi-Fi jammers, but they did not elaborate on any other connections between Monday's attempted burglary and the ring's previous crimes.

"These criminals are of South American descent and typically work in groups of three, park their getaway vehicles on adjacent streets, and utilize various pre-operative surveillance techniques to track their targets' patterns and behaviors to minimize the likelihood that they will commit thefts while residents are home," police said.

Police said gang members also used surveillance cameras (disguised as landscape plants to blend into the home's outdoor landscaping) to monitor movement in and out of homes before attempting to break in.

Police said the gang's surveillance cameras can be disguised in a variety of ways.

"They come in a variety of forms, including fake utility boxes, flower pots, tree stumps, rocks and boulders, and even those funny owls that move their heads, supposedly to repel critters," police said. "Basically, you know what's in your yard or front landscaping area and what doesn't belong to you."

Members of the South American burglary gang have committed burglaries across the country, including Baltimore, Los Angeles, Indiana and Florida. In April, the FBI warned of the presence of an international organized burglary ring in Indiana.

The FBI said the gangs typically target homes in affluent neighborhoods while residents are away and often steal high-end jewelry, accessories and cash. Officials said the gang members traveled to the United States to commit the thefts.

"While we are still investigating this incident, the only response strategy we can offer at this time is to install a surveillance camera system in your home and install a landline to combat Wi-Fi jammers," Florham Park police said. "In addition, regularly check your landscaping for any potential disguised surveillance devices and contact the police department immediately if you find such a device."

Officials are also asking Florham Park residents near Lincoln Avenue, Cathedral Avenue and Lockwood Road to check their surveillance systems between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Monday for signs of potential suspects or vehicles

Police said the suspect in Monday's suspected burglary attempt was a man wearing tan or beige pants, a dark shirt and a face mask.

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2024-06-17 11:53:38

So now that thief’s are using WiFi jammers that apparently can be bought for $40, what is everyone turning to to protect your property?

8 Bands Jammer Device

News of break-ins these days show quite a few security camera captures, but in many of them the perpetrator is covering their face. So ultimately I’m not so sure how much security cameras (even wired ones that capture clear images) can really protect a property.

It appears even traditional alarm systems would be disabled by a signal blockers since all the sensors’ signal would be blocked as well.

I have NEVER considered a WiFi connected device to be any sort of serious security device. For a serious security device, it needs to be wired (power and data), and the video recorded locally with serious backup power (no, a 15 minute UPS does not qualify). I do have what would likely be considered a Pro-sumer level video camera system, with hours of backup power.

With that said, I have over 40 Wyze cameras, and I do use them regularly as they are quite a bit less expensive than my wired system, and the software is more convenient for a quick look remotely.

Two of the most common attacks are a simple broadband signal generator and a specific WiFi De-Authentication. In the case of the first, the jammer simply broadcasts a strong enough signal that the intended signals are covered in noise. An audio example would be trying to talk back and forth with someone 100 feet away in an empty stadium. That would likely work fine, but now add 50,000 other people and there is so much noise that the person 100 feet away can not be heard. A broadband jammer is a quite simple device.

A De-Authentication attack is an smart device that to keep this simple, impersonates the WiFi client and sends a command to the WiFi access point telling it that the client is disconnecting. Note that WPA-3 prevents that by encrypting the management packets. However although the WPA-3 standard has been out for quite a few years, most IoT devices do not support it.

Both of these attacks happen between the WiFi client and access point, so a firewall or anti-virus never get involved.

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2024-06-11 12:33:51

Glendale police issue warning about burglars using WiFi signal jammers to disable alarms, security cameras

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- Glendale police have issued a warning about residential burglars who use WIFI jammers to disable security alarms and surveillance cameras.

As described by police Sgt. Victor Jackson, the devices used by thieves block the signal or scramble the WiFi. "So if you have a Ring camera, a Nest camera -- any kind of alarm system that is WiFi-based or a camera that's WiFi-based -- it blocks the signal and knocks it out," he said.

A disproportionate surge in residential burglaries plagued Glendale and Southern California in the fall, leading investigators to the crime trend.

"As our detectives started going into these cases, that's when they realized what was happening," Jackson said. "In some cases, because of the way the device works, it made it look like when you went back and rewound your tape and looked, it wasn't a black screen -- it was seamless. It didn't exist there, so there was no evidence."

Police recommend that residents increase security by:

  • hardwiring alarm systems and cameras,

  • using back-up batteries in those security devices,

  • installing sturdy locks on security gates,

  • enhancing exterior lighting,

  • securing windows and balconies,

  • and having a trusted neighbor or housesitter look after your home, when away.

The Glendale Police Department's residential burglary task force has been working to lower the number of break-ins, officials said.

"Our patrol officers, our motor officers, our special enforcement detail, and detectives -- we have them undercover in the area -- and we saturated the area," Jackson said.

Nora Alabi, a Glendale resident, told ABC7: "I feel like there's no part of the city that you can be in and not run into a cop or not run into a police car.

"If I stand here for five minutes, I might see like three cop cars drive by," she said. "So, because of that, I feel like it's a safe city."

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2024-06-07 11:06:19

In a statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using wifi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

(TNS) — A group of thieves have been outsmarting smart devices across the Los Angeles area, authorities said.

8 Bands Jammer Device

In a March 4 statement by the Los Angeles Police Department, officers warn that a group in Wilshire is using Wi-Fi jamming technology to disarm surveillance cameras and alarm systems that rely on Wi-Fi.

This swarm of tech-savvy robberies in California is part of a larger “smart” crime wave happening nationwide. Last year, police in Minnesota and Connecticut issued similar warnings to residents when groups of Wi-Fi jamming thieves made their rounds. And those are just two examples of many.

While the Federal Communications Commission has banned Wi-Fi jamming devices, this doesn’t stop criminals from buying them cheaply, KARE11 reported. Wi-Fi jamming devices don’t necessarily deactivate devices, but work by overloading the network the devices are connected to.

“These (signal jamming) devices create traffic jams for the radio transmitter so that real traffic cannot get through,” cybersecurity expert Mark Lanterman told the outlet.

“If you are going to use a Wi-Fi camera for your front door, perhaps consider using a hardline camera inside your home,” he said. Wired cameras connected via Ethernet cables do not rely on Wi-Fi networks and would not be disrupted by a Wi-Fi jammer.

Los Angeles police also recommends hard wiring burglary alarm systems

While “smart” technology may be part of the problem, it may also have a hand in the solution, according to Tom’s Hardware. Officials recommend using timers or smart home devices to make it look like someone is home while you are away. Some smart home technology also comes with the ability to alert users if the signal or connection has been interrupted.

Tom’s Hardware also recommends connecting surveillance devices that store camera footage directly on your device, and not just to a cloud storage system. By having a camera that records to itself, you’ll have footage saved during a Wi-Fi disruption.

The LAPD also encourages people to stay vigilant by locking their doors, relying on neighbors to check on things when away and reporting any strange activity, including suspicious vehicles with temporary or dealer plates.

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2024-05-18 12:09:00

The topic at hand pertains to wifi interference and devices that rely on wifi for transmitting data.

The discussed wifi interference does not impact cellular or sensor RF signals.

Wifi-enabled cameras and wifi communication for dual path signaling could be vulnerable. Certain third-party security systems rely solely on wifi, and they appear to occasionally substitute the term security system with that of a single doorbell camera.

Extended wifi disconnection would be identified as a dual path communication breakdown. The system utilizes RF jam detection for PowerG and traditional sensor frequencies, however, there is no mention of wifi interference.

wifi jammer and cellular jammers are both designed to block different signals that require jamming.

They manufacture combination devices that effectively disrupt both cellular and wifi signals within a single unit.

Criminals are becoming increasingly adept and employing more elaborate methods to carry out their illicit activities.

The news broadcasted footage of burglars entering a business located next to jewelry stores due to their vulnerability to break-ins. They were seen utilizing a sledgehammer to breach the drywall and gain access to the jewelry store.

It is important to emphasize that my intention is not to cause unnecessary alarm, but it is worth noting that thieves are increasingly going to extreme measures to break into properties.

It is my firm belief that alarm companies must confront this issue and proactively stay ahead of the changing trends.

The Glendale Police Department released a statement on Tuesday regarding the recent increase in residential burglaries that have occurred over the last few months, not only in Glendale but also throughout Southern California.

The GPD stated that suspects have been using technology in certain instances to carry out these crimes, including the use of Wi-Fi signal blockers or "jammers" to avoid being detected by home security alarms and cameras.

These devices emit signals that are inaudible to humans and effectively disrupt Wi-Fi signals and security systems, rendering them disconnected from the network and alarm systems disabled. A portable signal jammers, capable of blocking wireless communications within a 15-meter radius, exemplifies such a device.

GPD has stated that this technology causes interference with the signals transmitted by residential Wi-Fi systems, resulting in the interruption of conventional home security systems and cameras. Consequently, these security measures become incapable of notifying homeowners or law enforcement about the presence of intruders. The occurrence of such incidents has given rise to substantial apprehensions regarding the safety and security of our community.

The number of burglaries has been steadily declining according to the latest report from GPD. In December and January, there were 19 incidents each, followed by 18 in February. The most recent data shows that there have been eight burglaries so far in March.

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2024-05-17 14:47:44

According to a report from NBC News, online retailers and drone technology companies are promoting the sale of radio frequency jammers as tools to deter drones or protect privacy. This marketing strategy allows them to bypass laws that prohibit the sale of such devices in the United States.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a cautionary statement regarding signal jamming devices, highlighting their potential to disrupt emergency calls and jeopardize public safety communications. Additionally, these devices can interfere with various other types of communication and air navigation systems.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that the intentional use of a phone blocker, gps blocker, or any other signal jamming device to block, jam, or disrupt authorized radio communications is against federal law. There are no exceptions for using such devices in a business, classroom, home, or vehicle. Local law enforcement agencies do not have the authority to use jamming equipment independently; only federal law enforcement agencies are authorized to do so in specific situations as outlined by relevant statutes.

The FCC has issued a caution indicating that it is illegal to promote, sell, deliver, import, or in any way promote jamming devices to consumers within the United States.

NBC has reported that Amazon third-party sellers, independent online retailers from China, and small local businesses focusing on drone-related products are disregarding the law. The FCC informed NBC that they are currently looking into the sale of jammers, including those available on Amazon.

During its investigation, NBC interviewed the CEO of a US company specializing in portable anti-drone RF jamming units available for purchase online. The CEO informed NBC that these devices were readily accessible to consumers with the financial means, although the primary interest came from major corporations and government entities seeking to safeguard against potential domestic drone threats.

WiFi jammers sold by online retailers

I have a wired security camera due to the availability of WiFi jammers sold by Amazon. While I concur with this reasoning, it is important to note that the FCC does not support this practice.

Maverick Drone Systems, a company headquartered in Minnesota, is selling a portable anti-drone "RF jamming unit" for $2,999 on its website, with Tatusky, a company based in China, identified as the supplier. The jammer, which bears a slight resemblance to a shotgun, is described as "easy to use" and has a range of 1-2 kilometers, as stated in the listing. Maverick CEO Adam Shaw mentioned in a phone interview, "Any individual could purchase one of these devices as early as tomorrow."

Maverick, however, is not the only one. Nine independent sellers on Amazon have recently listed "jammer" devices for sale, with prices starting as low as $25.63, as reported by NBC News. The listings claim that these devices can be utilized in various scenarios, such as disrupting microphones.

Observe the technique we are employing to flip a playing card, showcasing "$3k quasi-military hardware here" on one side and "$30 wifi jammer on Amazon" on the other. It is crucial to acknowledge that both of these items are illegal, despite the vast contrast in their prices.

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2024-05-13 12:17:09

Roni Bandini grew increasingly annoyed by the reggae music blaring from his neighbors' Bluetooth speakers on a daily basis, prompting him to devise a solution using a Raspberry Pi bluetooth jammer.

Roni Bandini, a technologist and developer, grew weary of her neighbor's daily reggaeton sessions. Instead of confronting them directly, she devised a clever solution using a Raspberry Pi. Bandini programmed the device to detect when reggae music was playing and disrupt nearby Bluetooth speakers, causing distortion in the sound. Despite the invasive nature of this approach, it effectively helped her deal with the noise without direct confrontation signal blocker.

Based on a Tom's Hardware report, Roni Bandini utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to operate his system. Additionally, he links it to a DFRobot OLED display panel. For playing music loudly, he employs a microphone connected to a USB port on the Raspberry Pi. To initiate music playback, he simply presses a button.

Bandini utilizes two distinct software programs, Raspberry Pi OS and Edge Impulse, to enable the Raspberry Pi to identify reggae music. Raspberry Pi OS functions as the core of the device, while Edge Impulse aids in the learning process. With the help of these programs, Bandini successfully trained the Raspberry Pi to differentiate reggae music from other genres.

Bandini emphasized that the project was conducted mainly as an experiment and should be approached with care. It is crucial to verify the legality of such devices according to local regulations before attempting something similar at home. Moreover, Bluetooth interference is effective only when the individual is in close proximity to the speaker, and not all Bluetooth speakers are suitable for this technique.

It is crucial to emphasize that unauthorized access to a Bluetooth device through hacking is both illegal and unethical. Nevertheless, Bandini's Raspberry Pi offers a legitimate and ethical means to engage with Bluetooth devices by establishing connections, transmitting data, and managing them appropriately.

The Raspberry Pi comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing for seamless communication with various Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, and IoT devices. One practical application is using a Raspberry Pi to establish a Bluetooth connection with a speaker and transmit audio content to it.

Unauthorized access or manipulation of someone else's Bluetooth device without their consent is considered hacking and is against the law. It is of utmost importance to consistently uphold privacy and security boundaries while utilizing technology.

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2024-05-11 12:12:17

The Phoenix authorities found one of the gadgets during the apprehension of three burglary suspects, as indicated in the arrest records.

Cellphones and Wi-Fi jamming devices are reportedly being utilized by burglars to gain access to upscale residences in the Valley, as per the allegations made by Phoenix police. This scenario resembles something straight out of a spy movie.

Phoenix law enforcement reported that surveillance officers observed several suspects in the Camelback Hill area close to the intersection of 44th Street and Camelback Road at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Law enforcement officials reported that officers observed the individual entering a residence and attempting to unlawfully enter the property.

The individual proceeded to exit the residence and board a minivan that was ready, however, law enforcement obstructed the vehicle from departing.

The driver collided with the police car at a significant speed, as stated in the arrest documents. Subsequently, four individuals exited the vehicle and fled the scene. Law enforcement promptly established a cordon in the vicinity, leading to the successful apprehension of three suspects. However, the fourth suspect remains at large.

The authorities stated that each of the three individuals possessed counterfeit identification documents. Furthermore, they were found to be residing in the United States with expired visas.

Law enforcement officers also discovered tools commonly used in burglaries discarded by the suspect while attempting to evade capture. Among these tools is a jamming device wifi jammer.

Bernard Zapor, a faculty member at Arizona State University and former ATF agent, mentioned that the devices exhibit a high level of sophistication.

Zapol mentioned that it could potentially intercept your phone's signals and display your whereabouts as you travel.

The means by which the suspects acquired the device remains uncertain; however, Zappel stated that it bears resemblance to the equipment employed by law enforcement and intelligence agencies during investigations.

The frequency of these burglaries is on the rise in affluent communities. Authorities in Phoenix have reported approximately 111 break-ins across the Valley since February of last year.

It has been reported that the suspects specifically focused on affluent households and managed to pilfer around $3 million in valuable jewelry, cash, high-end wallets, and other items.

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2024-04-03 11:59:03

The use of signal blockers to ensure security at public events is a complex issue and may involve a range of legal, ethical and technical considerations. Signal blockers are mainly used to block or interfere with wireless communication signals, but their use needs to be carefully considered to avoid interference with legitimate communications and possible adverse consequences. If necessary, the use of signal jammer should be carried out by trained security experts, while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations wifi jammer.

jamming bluetooth signal

Here are some possible scenarios to consider:

Terrorist attack prevention: In some cases, signal blockers may be used to prevent terrorists from using remote detonating devices, such as those triggered by cell phone signals. In this case, signal blockers may be deployed around public events to block remote trigger signals for explosive devices.

Communication Management: In some activities, wireless communication may need to be restricted or managed to ensure the security of the activity. For example, at high-security events, an individual's wireless communication devices may be restricted to prevent them from being used to transmit sensitive information or as part of a detonating device.

Electronic boundary Settings: Signal blockers can be used to create electronic boundaries that limit the use of wireless communication devices within a specific area. This can be used to restrict unauthorized persons from entering or leaving an area, thereby enhancing the security of the event.

However, it is important to stress that the use of signal blockers can have a negative impact on public communications, including emergency communications, emergency services and the general public. Therefore, when using a signal shield, it is necessary to carefully consider its possible adverse consequences, and take appropriate measures to minimize these effects. It is best to use a signal blocker under the guidance of a professional safety expert and in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

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2024-03-20 11:38:06

WiFi jammers have gained significant popularity in the contemporary market in recent times. This cutting-edge equipment plays a crucial role in enhancing your security level and mitigating the potential risks of unauthorized access to personal data. Utilizing a wifi jammer at home can prove to be a valuable asset. However, it is important to acknowledge the existence of certain obstacles that may arise. Nevertheless, this equipment can be easily configured for daily usage, safeguarding sensitive information from tampering and preventing the theft of valuable data.

The emergence of an impediment presents a valuable chance to mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized access to personal information. Blockers generate distinctive signals at the intended frequency, akin to WiFi devices. Consequently, it effectively obstructs any movement within a specified range.

Tracking devices become entirely ineffective when faced with these obstacles. Generally, organizations and major corporations utilize such obstructive tools to safeguard their confidential data from being exposed to competitors. WiFi signal jammers are dependable and well-established devices that offer security and reliability, making them valuable for any security-conscious individual.

What does an internet jammer do?

WiFi technology is now widely utilized for data transfer in various locations. Public wireless access points have become popular, but they come with numerous vulnerabilities. One major concern is the ease with which unauthorized individuals can access sensitive information on your device. To mitigate this risk, it is advisable to employ a dedicated WiFi scrambler.

WiFi technology functions within the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Numerous contemporary devices operate within this range, which helps in minimizing the system's expenses but also renders it more susceptible to external threats. Sophisticated jammers have the capability to operate across multiple frequency ranges, effectively blocking several signals concurrently.

A WiFi-blocking device is specifically engineered to intercept signals within a designated range. This type of device effectively disrupts wireless signals within its operational distance. For civilian use, these devices can effectively block signals up to a maximum distance of twenty meters. On the other hand, advanced military-grade models possess superior capabilities, capable of blocking calls several hundred meters away, thereby safeguarding sensitive information from potential compromise.

Can a jammer block WiFi?

Modern jammers are often used to block WiFi signals. Among the main features of the equipment, you should pay attention to the following:

Signal blockers ensure the safeguarding of personal data while upholding privacy on a wireless network.

The utilization of numerous WiFi devices enables the tracking of your location, thus the implementation of a blocker can effectively mitigate the potential risk of being detected.

Additionally, by utilizing different tracking devices, monitoring your online status becomes a simple task. Enhancing security is made possible by employing a wireless jammer to greatly minimize potential risks.

Numerous prominent corporations prioritize the safety of both their organization and their workforce. Hence, it is advisable to mitigate potential network vulnerabilities by utilizing specialized equipment. One option is to opt for compact and portable devices that occupy minimal space while offering a substantial range of influence to guarantee optimal equipment functionality.

The device can also be utilized within the confines of your home. For instance, if your children tend to dedicate a significant amount of time to playing games or watching cartoons instead of completing their homework, you have the option to obstruct wireless signals, enabling them to concentrate on their studies. It is crucial to select top-notch equipment for your household without overspending on the purchase.

Purchasing a jammer serves as the most effective safeguard against hacker attacks and intruder threats. Various types of devices are utilized in our daily lives, such as portable and stationary ones. Despite differences in size and performance, these devices share a common principle of processing incoming information, thereby enhancing their accessibility and functionality for all individuals.

Are WiFi blockers a thing?

WiFi jammers are contemporary devices that serve various purposes. These advanced tools aid in enhancing security measures and safeguarding the privacy of sensitive information. Additionally, there are versatile gadgets available that possess the capability to simultaneously disrupt multiple signal types, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment.

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