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2024-05-17 14:47:44

According to a report from NBC News, online retailers and drone technology companies are promoting the sale of radio frequency jammers as tools to deter drones or protect privacy. This marketing strategy allows them to bypass laws that prohibit the sale of such devices in the United States.

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a cautionary statement regarding signal jamming devices, highlighting their potential to disrupt emergency calls and jeopardize public safety communications. Additionally, these devices can interfere with various other types of communication and air navigation systems.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states that the intentional use of a phone blocker, gps blocker, or any other signal jamming device to block, jam, or disrupt authorized radio communications is against federal law. There are no exceptions for using such devices in a business, classroom, home, or vehicle. Local law enforcement agencies do not have the authority to use jamming equipment independently; only federal law enforcement agencies are authorized to do so in specific situations as outlined by relevant statutes.

The FCC has issued a caution indicating that it is illegal to promote, sell, deliver, import, or in any way promote jamming devices to consumers within the United States.

NBC has reported that Amazon third-party sellers, independent online retailers from China, and small local businesses focusing on drone-related products are disregarding the law. The FCC informed NBC that they are currently looking into the sale of jammers, including those available on Amazon.

During its investigation, NBC interviewed the CEO of a US company specializing in portable anti-drone RF jamming units available for purchase online. The CEO informed NBC that these devices were readily accessible to consumers with the financial means, although the primary interest came from major corporations and government entities seeking to safeguard against potential domestic drone threats.

WiFi jammers sold by online retailers

I have a wired security camera due to the availability of WiFi jammers sold by Amazon. While I concur with this reasoning, it is important to note that the FCC does not support this practice.

Maverick Drone Systems, a company headquartered in Minnesota, is selling a portable anti-drone "RF jamming unit" for $2,999 on its website, with Tatusky, a company based in China, identified as the supplier. The jammer, which bears a slight resemblance to a shotgun, is described as "easy to use" and has a range of 1-2 kilometers, as stated in the listing. Maverick CEO Adam Shaw mentioned in a phone interview, "Any individual could purchase one of these devices as early as tomorrow."

Maverick, however, is not the only one. Nine independent sellers on Amazon have recently listed "jammer" devices for sale, with prices starting as low as $25.63, as reported by NBC News. The listings claim that these devices can be utilized in various scenarios, such as disrupting microphones.

Observe the technique we are employing to flip a playing card, showcasing "$3k quasi-military hardware here" on one side and "$30 wifi jammer on Amazon" on the other. It is crucial to acknowledge that both of these items are illegal, despite the vast contrast in their prices.

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2024-05-16 11:41:11

Ukraine has received a contribution of drone-jamming equipment from Lithuania as part of its most recent military assistance package. This addition will complement the numerous advanced Lithuanian counter-unmanned aircraft systems that are already in operation.

The ministry's aid program includes a range of unspecified capabilities such as weaponry, ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-drone equipment, as well as training and logistics support requested by Ukraine signal jammer.

Kyiv will receive a substantial long-term assistance plan from the country, amounting to 200 million euros ($217 million). This plan is set to be distributed over the course of six years, until 2026 drone jammer.

Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anusauskas emphasized the vital role played by the weapons and equipment provided by Lithuania and its allies in supporting Ukraine's fight for independence and ensuring the security of Europe.

Continuing Support

Since the commencement of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, Lithuania has extended more than 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in assistance to Ukraine, demonstrating its commitment by allocating 1.2 percent of its GDP towards this cause.

The notable contributions made by this organization consist of two Kongsberg National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems, 36 Bofors L-70 anti-aircraft guns along with ammunition, and 50 M113 armored carriers.

Plans were also revealed to supply extra demining gear, ammunition, and food provisions to the nation from 2024 to 2025.

Furthermore, it intends to provide training to approximately 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers by the conclusion of 2024.

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2024-05-15 12:03:46

Numerous variations of 5G signal jammer are presently available. Some devices are designed to solely disrupt a single frequency, whereas others possess the capability to obstruct multiple network types concurrently. The latter mode automatically switches between different networks, actively seeking out unsecured signals. High-end devices have the capacity to block all frequencies simultaneously, while alternative devices can be fine-tuned to target specific frequencies.

In essence, these devices emit random static or noise across a broad spectrum of frequencies, resulting in a failure to establish proper connections. It can be likened to sitting beside the engine of a sports car, opening the hood, and attempting to have a phone conversation. The localized noise becomes so overpowering that the device fails to connect effectively. Swift and extensive coverage of a specific frequency range can effectively hinder the proper functioning of a device.

The EMI signal's carrier frequency matches that of the receiver, allowing simultaneous demodulation of the interference signal. This analogy can be likened to transporting a model vehicle (carrier frequency) along with counterfeit goods (interference signals). Only upon receiving the goods can their authenticity or falseness be determined. The shielding effect can be achieved due to the significant electronic interference power, which is constrained by the interference signal.

The operational mechanism of a 5G cell phone jammer involves transmitting a signal from a device that operates on the same frequency as the mobile signal source. Once the jammer is installed, it can be activated to disrupt mobile signals in areas where they need to be deactivated. It is crucial to ensure that there are no obstructions present at the location for the interference to effectively take place. Given the rising number of mobile phone users, there is a growing requirement to selectively disable mobile phone signals in certain areas using civilian-oriented methods rather than electronic devices.

A 5G wifi jammer serves as a tool to safeguard the reception signals of mobile phones by blocking them. The signal rates of cell phone signal blocking device modems are equivalent to those of cell phone towers. The activation of a mobile phone jammer results in the successful disruption of mobile phone signals, rendering them disabled.

Mobile devices operate in full-duplex mode, allowing them to utilize two frequencies concurrently for transmitting and receiving signals. This synchronous signal processing enables seamless communication. However, certain 5G signal jammers are only capable of blocking one frequency at a time, inadvertently causing both frequencies to be blocked. Consequently, the phone may interpret this as a lack of service in the vicinity due to receiving only one frequency.

5G signal jammers operate on a common radio frequency, causing interference. Devices designed for shielding purposes can disrupt the connection between cell phones and base stations. The act of blocking signals is sometimes referred to as a denial of service attack, as it prevents users within the jamming range from accessing radio signals.

The concept of disabling mobile phones produces a similar blocking impact on 4G/5G networks as it does on other forms of radio communication. In order for a mobile phone to function, a signal must be transmitted from the phone to the nearest cell tower. In urban areas, multiple towers are strategically placed to ensure seamless signal transmission as users move around.

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2024-05-14 15:16:44

The use of unapproved devices that disrupt cell phone signals has been flagged by the FCC as a potential security hazard.

The sale of "signal jammer" - devices capable of disrupting cell phone calls, text messages, Wi-Fi networks, and GPS systems - has caught the attention of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), prompting concerns about potential disturbances in public places.

The small, battery-powered devices can be used to create "dead zones" within a small area, usually 30 feet or so, and have been used by movie theaters, restaurants, and schools to keep people off their cell phones. But they also cut off 911 calls, can disrupt navigation near airports, and have been used near police stations to interrupt radio communications. Officials at the FCC say they've noticed an increasing number of cell phone jammer, which are banned by federal law, coming into the country. Many cheaper versions, which sell for as little as $25, are imported from Asia, according to the agency.

The Communications Act of 1934 strictly prohibits the sale, advertising, usage, or importation of jammers, as it is illegal to disrupt radio communications in public places.

As per the FCC, jammers were promoted on the site in Orlando, Philadelphia, Austin, Mississippi, Charlotte, N.C., Washington, D.C., Cincinnati, and Corpus Christi, Texas. Officials have stated that they do not see any connection between the cases.

The FCC's enforcement bureau chief, Michele Ellison, pointed out that the simple action of posting an ad for a signal jammer on websites such as Craigslist.org is breaking federal law. Signal jammers are considered contraband for a particular reason.

In line with the citations, the majority of sellers promoted jammers as a way to enjoy an undisturbed nap while traveling on a bus, maintain a quiet educational setting, or create a peaceful environment, without mentioning the potential for misuse of the device.

As mentioned in one of the citations, there is an increasing concern about the limited comprehension of individual consumers who operate jamming devices regarding the serious consequences that may arise. These operators mistakenly believe that their illegal use of jammers is justified by personal convenience or should be pardoned.

The FCC has indicated that there was at least one seller who had knowledge of jammers being classified as contraband.

Keith Grabowski allegedly advertised a "cell phone jammer, wifi jammer" on the Philadelphia Craigslist, with a price tag of $300. In the ad, he acknowledges the limited details disclosed about the item due to its nature. He emphasizes that the jammer is not a toy and expresses his intention to dispose of it as quickly as possible.

His citation reveals that the ad created by Mr. Grabowski suggests his awareness of the sensitive and potentially illegal nature of the device he was selling on Craigslist.

The establishment of the "Jammer Tip Line" by the FCC allows individuals to easily inform the bureau about any suspected cases of jammer sales or usage, ensuring efficient reporting and investigation of such activities.

It was announced by Ellison that we have a firm determination to increase the severity of our enforcement actions against violators. Any individuals caught selling or operating a jammer will face costly consequences.

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2024-05-13 12:17:09

Roni Bandini grew increasingly annoyed by the reggae music blaring from his neighbors' Bluetooth speakers on a daily basis, prompting him to devise a solution using a Raspberry Pi bluetooth jammer.

Roni Bandini, a technologist and developer, grew weary of her neighbor's daily reggaeton sessions. Instead of confronting them directly, she devised a clever solution using a Raspberry Pi. Bandini programmed the device to detect when reggae music was playing and disrupt nearby Bluetooth speakers, causing distortion in the sound. Despite the invasive nature of this approach, it effectively helped her deal with the noise without direct confrontation signal blocker.

Based on a Tom's Hardware report, Roni Bandini utilizes a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to operate his system. Additionally, he links it to a DFRobot OLED display panel. For playing music loudly, he employs a microphone connected to a USB port on the Raspberry Pi. To initiate music playback, he simply presses a button.

Bandini utilizes two distinct software programs, Raspberry Pi OS and Edge Impulse, to enable the Raspberry Pi to identify reggae music. Raspberry Pi OS functions as the core of the device, while Edge Impulse aids in the learning process. With the help of these programs, Bandini successfully trained the Raspberry Pi to differentiate reggae music from other genres.

Bandini emphasized that the project was conducted mainly as an experiment and should be approached with care. It is crucial to verify the legality of such devices according to local regulations before attempting something similar at home. Moreover, Bluetooth interference is effective only when the individual is in close proximity to the speaker, and not all Bluetooth speakers are suitable for this technique.

It is crucial to emphasize that unauthorized access to a Bluetooth device through hacking is both illegal and unethical. Nevertheless, Bandini's Raspberry Pi offers a legitimate and ethical means to engage with Bluetooth devices by establishing connections, transmitting data, and managing them appropriately.

The Raspberry Pi comes equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, allowing for seamless communication with various Bluetooth-enabled devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, and IoT devices. One practical application is using a Raspberry Pi to establish a Bluetooth connection with a speaker and transmit audio content to it.

Unauthorized access or manipulation of someone else's Bluetooth device without their consent is considered hacking and is against the law. It is of utmost importance to consistently uphold privacy and security boundaries while utilizing technology.

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2024-05-11 12:12:17

The Phoenix authorities found one of the gadgets during the apprehension of three burglary suspects, as indicated in the arrest records.

Cellphones and Wi-Fi jamming devices are reportedly being utilized by burglars to gain access to upscale residences in the Valley, as per the allegations made by Phoenix police. This scenario resembles something straight out of a spy movie.

Phoenix law enforcement reported that surveillance officers observed several suspects in the Camelback Hill area close to the intersection of 44th Street and Camelback Road at approximately 7:30 p.m.

Law enforcement officials reported that officers observed the individual entering a residence and attempting to unlawfully enter the property.

The individual proceeded to exit the residence and board a minivan that was ready, however, law enforcement obstructed the vehicle from departing.

The driver collided with the police car at a significant speed, as stated in the arrest documents. Subsequently, four individuals exited the vehicle and fled the scene. Law enforcement promptly established a cordon in the vicinity, leading to the successful apprehension of three suspects. However, the fourth suspect remains at large.

The authorities stated that each of the three individuals possessed counterfeit identification documents. Furthermore, they were found to be residing in the United States with expired visas.

Law enforcement officers also discovered tools commonly used in burglaries discarded by the suspect while attempting to evade capture. Among these tools is a jamming device wifi jammer.

Bernard Zapor, a faculty member at Arizona State University and former ATF agent, mentioned that the devices exhibit a high level of sophistication.

Zapol mentioned that it could potentially intercept your phone's signals and display your whereabouts as you travel.

The means by which the suspects acquired the device remains uncertain; however, Zappel stated that it bears resemblance to the equipment employed by law enforcement and intelligence agencies during investigations.

The frequency of these burglaries is on the rise in affluent communities. Authorities in Phoenix have reported approximately 111 break-ins across the Valley since February of last year.

It has been reported that the suspects specifically focused on affluent households and managed to pilfer around $3 million in valuable jewelry, cash, high-end wallets, and other items.

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2024-05-10 12:46:48

Axon Enterprise, a Taser manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, has recently finalized a deal to acquire Dedrone, a company located in Sterling that specializes in the production of drone-jamming and detection devices.

The companies announced on Monday that the transaction is anticipated to conclude in the latter half of 2024, with no disclosure of the deal's terms.

Dedrone’s portable gunlike drone jammer can thwart aerial drones by disrupting communications links with targeted radio pulses. The company has worked with police departments, the U.S. Army and other military and commercial clients. Dedrone has partnered with the Ukrainian government to provide nearly 300 sensors capable of identifying and detecting radio signatures of nearly 250 different models of drones, according to Dedrone’s website. It has also sent riflelike devices to Ukraine that have been used to jam Russian drones, according to The New York Times.

Dedrone utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer a constant and independent process of questioning and validating drones. Its technology is capable of identifying and deterring unauthorized drones in various locations, including military bases, airports, and public events.

Axon, previously recognized as Taser International, is most famous for its Taser products, along with body cameras, dash cameras, and cloud-based digital evidence management systems. The company serves clients in the first responder sector, including local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel.

The acquisition of Dedrone will enhance Axon's capacity to assist clients in securing their communities, enhancing their response to crucial incidents, and safeguarding additional lives across various locations, as stated in the news release issued by the companies.

Axon founder and CEO Rick Smith stated that by merging Axon's 30-year history of innovation with Dedrone's state-of-the-art airspace security solutions, they intend to transform public safety once more. Smith emphasized that their collaboration will speed up the development of a more sophisticated end-to-end drone solution that allows beneficial drones to operate while preventing harmful ones from doing so.

In 2017, Taser International underwent a rebranding and changed its name to Axon. Axon's revenue increased by 34% in the first quarter of 2024, with recurring revenue reaching $825 million.

In a statement, Dedrone CEO Aaditya Devarakonda emphasized that Dedrone's influence is expanding in various sectors, including federal governments, utilities, critical infrastructure, event venues, airports, correctional facilities, and other enterprises. This, combined with Axon's robust network of interconnected devices and software, will position us as leaders in safeguarding not just our communities but also the security of nations worldwide.

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2024-05-09 11:35:33

decided to go ahead and do a complete integrated radar detection and laser jamming system and really this whole category is new to me so looking for some advice on what type of system to put together. From what I can gather so far, I am looking at one of the newer radar detectors (Passport Max/Max2, Beltronics STiR, Redline XR, Valentine1, etc.) and an ALP 2-sensor laser jamming system. I like the idea that the ALP system offers the remote mount Beltronics STiR receiver add on option and they offer a Bluetooth module that prevents you from having to run a display into the cabin and you can just use your phone for alerts instead. Have no idea how good any of these detectors or feature options work so before dropping $1200-$1500 bucks on a system I'd like to get some real world user opinions (Is a two sensor system enough for the V to protect the front? Am I better off using a stand alone radar detector beside the STiR add on unit ALP's offers? Is the GPS functionality offered in the Radar Detectors and ALP's units really add value (ie. knowing if you are on a highway or not)?) I want the system obviously to perform great but I want something that is not intrusive to the vehicle or looks like an add-on turd inside the cabin signal jammer.

it comes down to how much money you want to spend. I would go with the ALP system for laser. Two heads up front and if you can afford it, two heads in the rear. That will cover you for laser. For radar it domes down to a few things. If you want integrated permanently mounted (less likely for theft) go with the STIR. If you want a windshield mount go with either the Redline or Valentine. There are passionate advocates for both the Redline and the Valentine.

I have the Valentine and it is pretty obnoxious with all the noisy falses. The best way to address these is to use the Bluetooth add on and run an app on your phone called YAV1. The app lets you do a million things. You can segment the bands the detector scans, use the phone gps to lockout falses, log alerts, use it as a remote display, etc etc. The down side is you have yet another device you have to sync up to work with the detector. I live in a high theft area so leaving a detector visible along with a spare cell phone is asking for car damage and stolen items so I have not messed with the phone app and just run the Valentine on road trips.

If you want something which is tunable and you are kind of a techie I'd recommend the Valentine. I thought the arrows were a gimmick at first but they are actually pretty nice. If you want something that runs great out of the box then go with the redline. If you are worried about getting ripped off, install the STIR.

I never thought about the theft aspect so I agree, not something I want to entice a break in (I live in downtown Detroit). Seems like the integrated STiR is what I am looking for then. I really like the idea of the systems alerts/display all acting together from a single point. Am I losing any key features/performance benefits of the integrated STiR over the windshield mount Redline or V1? Also, wasn't planning to do the rear laser jammers as I don't know really where I'd mount them on my wagon and really the only scenario I can think of for laser from the rear is the cop on an overpass sending chase cars as he dings cars going under the bridge (pretty rare in my travel areas). Is there another reason/scenario for rear laser protection I am missing?

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2024-05-08 11:51:04

Reconsider your decision if you are thinking about utilizing a radar jammer to evade a speeding ticket, as radar jammers are against the law.

Jammers distinguish themselves from the widely known radar detectors. While a radar detector informs you about the presence of a radar gun used by the police on the highway, signal blocker, on the other hand, actively interfere with the radar signals. Although jammers are not prohibited for use in passenger cars, their effectiveness is not guaranteed as they solely provide an alert when radar is detected, which might be tardy.

The radar jammer operates by effectively neutralizing the radar guns employed by law enforcement agencies. By rendering the car invisible to radar signals, it becomes impossible for them to track your speed. Although intended to assist in evading tickets, in actuality, they may exacerbate the situation.

Detecting a radar jammer on the highway is a serious issue. It goes beyond mere fines or higher insurance costs.

Radar jammers are prohibited in certain states, which implies that you may face penalties even if you refrain from using them on federal roads. It is crucial to note that possession of such devices should be avoided altogether, and it is particularly important not to utilize them in California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, or Virginia.

The regulation of radar jammers by the FCC is highly stringent, with radar jammers being deemed illegal since 1996. Consequently, individuals are prohibited from using or selling such devices. Furthermore, the FCC has prohibited companies from advertising jammers altogether.

The utilization of radar jammers often leads to the police being able to detect their usage, even if they are unable to record your speed. The interference caused by these devices can serve as a clear indication, prompting the police to pull you over.

Laser speed monitoring can be countered by utilizing a laser jammer, which effectively obstructs the monitoring beam. Although the use of laser jammers does not infringe upon federal law, it is important to note that numerous states have enacted legislation prohibiting their usage.

It is advisable to refrain from utilizing them in California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

It is recommended to refrain from speeding in order to avoid a ticket legally. However, using radar jammers as a solution is not advisable, as their existence does not justify their usage.

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2024-05-07 14:48:22

I got my first speeding ticket the other day (92 mph in a 70 mph zone) and am looking to buy a laser jammers. The ticket says the officer used a Stalker DSR/DB015283 gun. Based on this info, what signal jammers models would you suggest looking into?

Based on Google research, it sounds like there are a LOT of different jammers available to purchase, so I just want to make sure I get one that will jam the guns used here in GA & AL.

Also, on the topic of radar specifically -- I know it's illegal to use radar jammers in the US, but is it common for people to, you know... use products that do it anyways (if you get what I'm saying)? Just curious.

No. They are federally illegal and WILL land you in prison and/or with a very hefty fine.

For Jammers, you need to look into ALP or an R9. But we don't know your budget.

I was buying A laser jammer, I would buy an R9 or an ALP system

what your problem was is you didn’t have a radar detector so I would purchase a R8 or R7 both made by uniden or Valentine one makes a very nice one. V1G2 .that’s my opinion and everyone has one.

I looked into the R9, but I don't think I can afford to spend $4k on a detector right now. However, it looks like a the R8 is only $700, which is definitely within my budget.

In terms of laser jammers, it looks like the ALP costs around $1700 (assuming I'm looking at the correct product page -- the website layout is kind of confusing).

Basically, I'm only at risk of getting pulled over when driving on the the highway. Unfortunately, there are long stretches (I.e., probably several thousand feet) of highway that don't curve or change elevation at all (and there are typically bridges at the ends of these stretches that the cops hide under), so I'm wondering if a radar detector will be effective at all (especially if the cops have a tendency to use a function I've heard about called "instant on").

GA is tricky, they have a lot of dragoneye which is the hardest lidar to jam, but it is doable. Countermeasures are best done in layers, so a radar detector to cover radar, laser protection for laser, and I would add running an app, Waze at minimum or add something like highway radar/JBV1. As those will provide you warning of police traps ahead as reported by other users.

Loads of radar detector options, as you mentioned instant on is an issue so go for something long range, if you want to save some money and can do without arrows, the uniden R4 is a great choice otherwise the R7 or R8, V1G2 are all solid choices.

For laser coverage ALP is the long running solution as they have been around and providing dragoneye coverage the longest, if a full setup front and rear is out of your price range, there are other systems like TPX or TMG that can also do decently, they lack some nice to have features but will generally do the job.

I typically found most traps in GA were marked on Waze before I got to them but not all, they do like to shoot laser and radar from behind (parked on highway entrance ramps/overpasses) those are not always as well marked. Having laser coverage and radar detection in addition to apps will round out your layers of security.

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